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The best holiday for years!! PART 2.


Part 2 of my holiday blog.

We did some exploring whilst on the island and after having a chat with a cafe owner we discovered that the bridge we often saw in the distance was the bridge to the island of Scalpay. Lets go and have a look, I said…..

The road was a ‘C’ road and VERY twisty, narrow and close to the cliff edge. I was really scared and joked that when we got to Scalpay there would be a toilet block with showers for tourists like me who don’t like heights, cliff edges, and dangerous roads! (To much laughter, there was!!).

Anyway, the views from the bridge were stunning and Sonia, my wonderful wife, took some lovely photos.

On the way back from Scalpay (once I had calmed down and stopped shaking!) one of the twins wanted to stop and go for a walk as he had seen a path that “looked really exciting”. So we parked up and went for a gentle stroll…….

Wherever we went, flowers were in abundance.
Here are a few photos showing some of the flora we saw.

This first one is of a rock with some colourful lichen growing on it. The only thing I did with the photo is crop it so it would be small enough in size to be uploaded. I think its beautiful and Sonia wants to print it onto a canvas for the living room wall!

Here are some more beach type shots: I still can’t get over the colour of the sea and sand!!

Harrison and Christian enjoying the beach!

Driving back to the holiday cottage one lovely evening, my wife took this photo of the bay where the cottage was. The parking areas on the roads were always just in the right place for taking photos.

As I have said previously, our cottage was across the road from a sandy bay. On the other side of the bay were some mountians. The view was fantastic!
This is at high tide.

A couple more shots from the cottage across the bay….

We saw lots of birds and sheep, a basking shark (its fin actually but didn’t get the camera out in time) and a small family of seals. We got a shot or 2 of mum or dad: not sure which.

Occasionally seaweed got washed up. This photo shows a single piece of red seaweed I found.

Jellyfish also visited the beach.

They came in a variety of colours including:

Electric blue……


And brown……

The brown ones also came in a size you would not want to meet whilst out for a swim……

Yes, that is my size 10 trainer next to this washed up jelly fish. Big isn’t it?

Finally, some photos Sonia describes as “artistic”.
They are some of the best I have ever taken and one or two could make it on to the living room wall!
Hope you like them!

Well, thats it, the end of the blog.
The memories will live with us always and I am really pleased to share some of our memories with you all.

Happy gardening!!

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thank you so much for these GD ~ to tell you a secret they make me cry ~ its so lovely up there and your photos are stunning.

which was the cafe? and which beach is it in the photos after your lovely twins? absolutely stunning.

you must have been opposite luskentyre ~ most amazing place in the world.

i went to scalpay too but i preferred luskentyre.

27 Aug, 2011


great pics of an amazing place..:-)

27 Aug, 2011


The cafe was the small one near the tourist information building in tarbet. We were staying in Seilebost bay about 500 yds down the road from the Hebridean art cafe. Incidentally, one of us was the 5000th visitor in 14 weeks that the art cafe had. We were given a free meal and two limited edition pen and ink prints worth £45 each!!
I have been welling up doing these two blogs as well!

27 Aug, 2011


Wow, really enjoyed that, would love to go there. Your photos are really great, I agree with your wife, they would make great pictures on the wall.

27 Aug, 2011


Your photo`s are stunning Mark, I especially like the shots of the sky. It looks a beautiful area and can well see why you`d describe it as your best holiday.
Thankyou for sharing....

27 Aug, 2011


Just so beautiful,Mark..and stunning pics..I would love some of these on my wall too..glad you all had a fantastic holiday..:o)

27 Aug, 2011


Thanks Lincslass. (Its Richard by the way :))

27 Aug, 2011


how lovely and what a treat to have that meal and the pictures. i dont remember a cafe near seilebost ~ or i would have been in it! ~ there was the skoon cafe on the east side but i dont remember on the west side.

i remember the tarbert one, we went in that ~ near TI. also had a meal in that cafe/bar near the harbour.

everynight i went out looking for that sunset but we never had one as good as yours. i got one or two ~ helped by the sunset setting on the camera!!

i agree ~ the colour of the water is just sparkling and doesnt need any adjusting on the camera!!

27 Aug, 2011


The cafe was only opened earlier this year.
Here is the link to their website:

We all went to the 4 star hotel for lunch in Tarbet as well and had a really lovley meal. It was a good job I booked a table the day before as it was packed.

27 Aug, 2011


did they have any jobs going at the art cafe? i could wash up?

27 Aug, 2011


Oops!!!! so sorry, put it down to my enjoyment of your lovely shots, or even senior moments lol....

27 Aug, 2011


That breaking wave pic is excellent - so very difficult to get right - bet you are really pleased with it!

27 Aug, 2011


Beautiful photos! I can see many of those having a very well-earned place on a wall. :o) I especially like the 'sepia' coloured landscape - probably caught with the evening sun setting?

28 Aug, 2011


Stunning! just stunning! Brilliant photography and sounds like you all had an amazing time. Bet you're glad you made the ferry trip now! Brave man! Loved your blogs they are amazing. Made me want to go myself. Well done.

28 Aug, 2011


What a truly amazing set of photos! Sigh.! Just fab. Loved the splashing surf pic. We are so blessed to have this place within our reach. Thanks so much.

28 Aug, 2011


absolutely beautiful Richard ,superb photography :o))

28 Aug, 2011


So glad you all had such an enjoyable holiday. The west coast of Scotland is truly spectacular and beautiful. Your photos are wonderful and make me feel a bit homesick...

28 Aug, 2011


oops,sorry Richard..just followed on from didn't know your name! :o)).Mark is a nice name anyway,,could have been a worse one ..Lol.

28 Aug, 2011


another fantastic blog with wonderful photos.

28 Aug, 2011


Your photos are absolutely stunning Richard, and your wife's! You should definitely print that lichen one for your wall, and some of those amazing skies . . . then everyone can admire them.

Lovely to have found a place "away from it all" that your children love too! Thanks for sharing it with us. :))

28 Aug, 2011


It's all been said Richard but I must agree, simply STUNNING!!! Thanks for going to the trouble of posting for our enjoyment!

28 Aug, 2011


Stunning shots and a lovely blog what a wonderful holiday:)

28 Aug, 2011


Its all been said Richard..all breathtakingly, heart wrenchingly (is there such a word? lol) for the soul!

28 Aug, 2011


It certainly is food for the soul. The trouble is I want seconds and thirds.....

28 Aug, 2011


Ahhh but that would be over eating! A treat is a special thing to be savoured

29 Aug, 2011


Looks lovely!
I particularly like the Polygala serpyllifolia (Heath Milkwort).

30 Aug, 2011


Whoa! That last photo...incredible! Thanks for the photos GD those purple ones wash up on our beach all the time! :)) truly beautiful beaches!

31 Aug, 2011

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