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Oh no


I just saw a rabbit tonight on my front lawn.My neighbour told me he’d seen 2rabbits last week in his garden.I’ve been here 8 years and it’s the first I’ve seen.Is there anything I can do to deter them.We are close to fields so it’s inevitable I suppose .

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I have a friend who has had this problem for years...she has tried every which way to deter them..included different types of wire barriers reaching under ground...sadly nothing has worked...the last resort was to grow shrubs and plants they didn't find attractive to eat.The RHS website has a page on suitable shrubs.

25 Jun, 2022


Here’s hoping they move on

26 Jun, 2022


Fingers crossed they are ‘passing through’. Julia has some good ideas especially with the RHS advice.

26 Jun, 2022


They are such an important food source for many animals as well as targets for road kill that their appearance and numbers vacillate very quickly. I my opinion it’s not worth to take any steps. If you are growing veggies, well, that’s a problem.

27 Jun, 2022


Sorry I haven’t been on for a while.Thanks for replying.The rabbits now seem to have gone.I know one of my neighbours set a humane trap but I haven’t seen him to ask if he had caught it.Perhaps they’ve moved on to pastures new.

1 Aug, 2022

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