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So upset


A Honeysuckle in my garden grows over our fence and has a magnificent show every year.My ex elderly neighbour loved it.While I was away for the day last weekend my new neighbour a single man and his mum cut it down.They didn’t take care and honeysuckle which was on my side growing over my pergola and I had trained it into an arch to meet clematis coming from other side of pergola.They had hacked it and now it’s all dead.I could have wept.I ant trust myself to speak to him at moment.He’s a nice chap but his mum is the driving force and I think when she gets a garden tool in her hands she goes wild.They’ve made a hatchet job of other side too.Idont really care what they do in their own garden but oh my they could have taken more care.

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Sorry to hear of this disaster, Geraldine, has the right to chop anything not in their garden, they were obviously very careless. I agree with Meadowland, have a word with the son when you have cooled off, to try & prevent any future incidents. I hope it grows back.

5 Aug, 2022


that is so upsetting for you but they are very tough plants and as the root stock is on your side it will grow away again.

We have a similar problem but when our plants go over the fence into their space they have a legal right to trim it back. I suspect they pulled at the stems and that is why they have done so much damage on your side.

I think perhaps chatting to the young man is the way forward.

6 Aug, 2022


As you said Seaburngirl they had every right to chop it on their side I didn’t have a problem with that but where they cut right up at the top of the fence where the ones growing on my side were connected they cut them.The lad lives on his own and is partially disabled.His Mum comes to help him.I will have a chat with him at some point .I don’t want any bad feeling .I know it wouldn’t have been done intentionally but the two of them are “dangerous” as idont think they have a clue.!!

6 Aug, 2022


I feel for you,Gerardine, when we care so much for our own plants and gardens, it's obvious the man's mother isn't a gardener ,but probably through lack of interest or Knowledge ? I would feel exactly the same,so maybe a word or two ,but as you say,you don't want bad feeling, but I'm sure you will be able to discuss it in an amiable way..I know I'd find it hard to 'keep calm and carry on' but it needs saying..
I'm in a similar position ,but in reverse ! My elderly neighbour passed away this year,and his eldest son moved in recently,a lovely man, and a nice neighbour, who is knowledgeable about flowers,plants .which I was delighted to hear..but..??? ,so far he has done nothing, and all the shrubs etc are so overgrown, weeds growing everywhere ,through paving etc.. even a Sycamore is growing out of his drain,which I've mentioned to no avail..!'All talk and no action' comes to mind ?? Lol.

Thank goodness none of it encroaches on our garden ,but we do look out on it all,from our side window.. Before long ,we might not be able to see out at all,till Autumn arrives,and all the leaves fall !:o( ..

Good luck Gerardine,and let's hope both our problems are solved soon. :o) .

6 Aug, 2022


I hope so Bloomer.You don’t know what to do for the best do you.Perhaps your neighbour is depressed because of losing his Dad.

7 Aug, 2022


It is hard,knowing what to do,as we don't want to hurt feelings.. I know my neighbour was sad,but he isn't depressed,as his late dad lived till he was 93,and was already in a care home,so he had a good long life. .

I might drop a few hints when all the leaves start to fall,as some are doing so already,and I don't want them all blowing across to my garden.I wonder if I should buy him a a sweeping brush as a subtle 'moving in present ' ?? Ha ha..

7 Aug, 2022


This is very upsetting for you, Gerardine, I can see that. We aren’t meant to prune ‘hack’ at plants in anyone’s garden are we! Very odd thing to do, unless they didn’t realise and maybe thought it was infringing on your side? Fortunately as Eileen mentioned, if the root stock is on your side, thank heavens, it should grow back for you.
I know it’s like starting all over again sadly.
I think the others are right, maybe have an informal chat when you see him and preempt any future issues. Some people have no idea or interest about gardening and don’t realise at times that some of us love it and nurture our plants. Wishing you a positive outcome.

10 Aug, 2022

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