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I love gardening but I'm not really very knowledge-able.
I just love waking up in the morning to a sunny day and thinking what can I do in the garden today?
I moved into my current house a few years ago, so I inherited the garden. Unfortunately I have discovered that I don't enjoy the garden as much as I used to mainly because it's only got a few plants in and they are ones I wouldn't have chosen myself. I have decided this year to be brave and remove plants that I don't like (or move them around the garden) and dig up a few that I lost last winter and start to design a garden I want. It has been useful over the last few years though as I now know what sun/shade/protection etc my plants will need. I do suffer from our furry friends the Rabbit (and the occasion Deer) so that will add an extra dimension to my garden planning. But I have noticed on this site that I am not the only one to suffer from this!!!
Really looking forward to seeing my garden grow and in the mean-time making new friends on this site.

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