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Wednesday 10/02


By gina1


what a day I have had as I was all syked up to get on with things had got up early really excited with my days events to come. Should I have bothered?

Let down Numero uno was the people who was to take away the old fencing didn’t even bothered to come up so I had to call their company and they said that the job was far too big so they have had to re-arrange for tomorow now I have heard every bull known to man lol. "nd let down was by the Blinds co who when I called as the man who was supposed to be fitting them had not turned up was given 2 excuses !st was the blinds had not even been made followed by the man had tried to call me on Monday to rearrange I asked what number he was calling me on LOL as my phone never rang with his number….. so now I will have to keep fingers crossed for tomorows promises..Hmmmmmm I wander??????

Update on cats messing in my front garden

Well it seems like the chillie peppers and black pepper seems to have worked for now also bought a packet of citric acid to sprinkle down at a later stage if needed but we did hear some sneezing late last night wonder if that was the cat trying to use my front LOL………..

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Oh,dear,Gina,it is so annoying and frustrating when that happens.It seems to be the norm these days,and feels like a wasted day,hanging about.Hope things go right for you tomorrow.Glad your peppers seem to work.You will have to leave some tissues out for them too,..for the sneezes..:o)

10 Feb, 2010


LOL well I may just do that ha ha

Whatever has happened in the modern world where courtesy and a simple apology no longer exist????

Maybe we are far too old fashioned or we totaly live in another planet to others?

10 Feb, 2010


dont think so gina i think they are on another planet,,hope you have a nice day tomorrow..:o)

10 Feb, 2010


sorry you had a wasted day..... its so annoying isnt it........hope all goes well morrow..... glad youve had some success with the cat poo..... where do you buy the citric acid from......

10 Feb, 2010


i memry engage a fence co. to put up fence for me on a monday - they not turn up
tuesday 9am, i phonin a nother co. and tell them htat if htey come roun now, htey can hav hte job.
htey arriv at 10.15am, do job and finsh by 12.15pm. i hten pay htem.

at 1.30pm, hte monday fence co. turn up to do job -sory htey say, we to busy yesterday
well, i say, you no busy today cos hte job dun

htey no happy, but i say htat hte contract was for monday -by no turn up, htey brake contract -end of story.

yes, htey swear alot, but i alway say; the customer is hte boss

10 Feb, 2010


lets hope you have a better day tomorrow.
and i agree derek, they should have rung to expalian what was happening.
i hope we never turn into a nation of rude people unable to accept when we are wrong. I also find the younger generation are not half as bad as they are made out to be. some mature people think by dent of years lived gives them the right to be outspoken.

sorry rant over.

10 Feb, 2010


I totally agree,Sbg.The majority of young people are really nice,but sadly,many are judged by how they dress,or look.....and some of the older generation think its their right to be rude.
Gina,hope your workmen have turned up today:o))

11 Feb, 2010

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