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Ducks on the move.


A few days ago I spotted a couple of ducks wandering around in the street, rather a long way from a pond.

Yesterday one was in a puddle outside my house, the other in a neighbour’s front garden.
This morning I looked out see Mr checking out my garden and Mrs hiding in a flower bed.

At the sight of Dyson, a visiting Westie, they both flew off.

Only to return a little while later having found my very new, and very small, pond. Looks crowded to me.

I don’t really want them to take up residence here but I’m not quite sure what to do about them. Any suggestions?

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that is a lovely blog!! sorry i dont really have any suggestions other than cover the water over?? my mum has ducks that visit regularly but they never stay.

btw where did you get your little pond from i really like it!

28 Apr, 2012


Aww that's lovely I don't think i would mind ducks in my garden. It would make a nice change from starlings and

28 Apr, 2012


Nice to have them visit. They obviously like your garden. Maybe you'll get baby ducks!

28 Apr, 2012


I wouldn't worry about them staying, Ginellie - they're unlikely to, so long as you don't feed them. :)

Your pond is just exactly the sort of thing I've been looking for . . . love it! Did you buy it in this country? I'd love to copy you if you'd be OK with that??

28 Apr, 2012


Dyson looks a lovely dog.
Nice to see the pics of the visiting ducks :o)

28 Apr, 2012


Mmm! I have a suggestion using oranges .... but I think I'd get flagged by the Wildlife Protection Police!

28 Apr, 2012


That is so naughty Nariz, but I do have two in the fruit bowl!
Terra Dyson is a 12 year old Westie who stays with us from time to time and Sophie loves him.
Thanks everyone for your comments, I hope not feeding them will be the answer.
I'm very happy with the little pond and I think the place was Water Word, or maybe World of Water. Just thrown the receipt away. Anyway I went to a branch in Chertsey, Surrey but I think they have them in quite a number of places around the country. It cost about £45 and seems fairly sturdy - though I don't think it's made with ducks in mind.

28 Apr, 2012


thanks ginellie

28 Apr, 2012


Hope you can find one Sticki and Sheila. Ducklings would be lovely Oji but there are so many predators around here, foxes, badgers, crows, that I don't think they would last long. I know what you mean about the magpies Tulsalady, though I don't mind starlings. I just hope the Canada Geese don't decide to stop over on their way to the park - now that would be awful.

28 Apr, 2012


not yet, but i think it was world of water, found this:

which i quite liked!

28 Apr, 2012


Thank you Ginellie :)) Just have to persuade OH that they're no trouble!

28 Apr, 2012


I can understand you not wanting them to take up residence but I think its lovely to see them in your little pond, quite comical in fact, I don`t know how you would stop them other than frightening them off, somehow I don`t think you`d do that, obviously the sight of the little dog hasn`t really bothered them....
Lovely pics...

28 Apr, 2012


They are gorgeous though -I would love them in my garden but I think there are to many cats living close by - I think Bluey our dog would tolerate them - Marigold

29 Apr, 2012


What became of the ducks Ginellie?

30 Jan, 2019

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