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Old Garden Plant Tub


Hi All.
I’m known to most of you as “Ladyessex1” :o) but now called Goldengirl :o))
I have another Project on the way… old garden tub into a Wildlife Feature, hubby dug some of the hole out as it got too hard going for me as I have had a few falls so have aching arms LOL, I still have some more work to do to this as someone I know said to put it in deeper as when the water freezes it could split the Tub so I will now raise the bed & go from there :o))

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That should look good. If worried about frost damage a tip we once heard was to float a squashy ball on the water. When the ice expands it can squash the ball instead of breaking the container. But with a metal container surely the ice would go up rather than out? I'm thinking of when the ice used to form on top of milk bottles left out n the step - it raised the foil tops, it didn't break the bottles.

4 Sep, 2017


This all looks very interesting and easy to do.

4 Sep, 2017


Neglected ot say i do like your new avatar!

4 Sep, 2017


The Tub is plastic :o)) Mmm! I have a squashy ball that belonged to my Grandkids, I'll have to see if I still have it :o)) My Avatar is a pic I took when I was on "Two Tree Island" in Leigh-on-Sea, I thought it went well with the name I picked. The two trees on the island are long gone, it is a Nature Reserve, there is a small ramshackled cafe there with a Golf Shooting Range, Ha! The cafe looks like it could fall down LOL, food & drink is reasonably priced, outside seating with a lovely Willow Tree, there are boats moored there & a slipway to launch them from & Hides to view the wild life plus endless walks.

Yes, it was easy to do & so satisfying too, I need to take the plant out & I have been told it's not for Aquatic use LOL.

5 Sep, 2017


Ingenious! Just goes to show what imagination and hard digging can achieve.

5 Sep, 2017


You could also put some rocks in it so that anything that falls in can get out again.
A few plants around it & it'll look like it was always there.

10 Sep, 2017


Green fingers. I'm going to put some shingle in the bottom :o)) & some rocks as you have suggested plus a wide branch for things to crawl up :o)) x

Elrlys. Thanks for your comment :o)) x

Linda235. Glad your finding my project interesting :o))

Steragram. Thanks for your Tip. :o)) x

10 Sep, 2017


Hi Goldengirl

Did you rename yourself after the Golden Girls by any chance? Did you watch it?
We loved that series; the 'girls' used to make me scream with laughter.....

12 Sep, 2017


I took my name from my Golden Locks when I was younger, now my hair has gone lighter with age LOL.

12 Sep, 2017

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