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Watching Monty’s Northern Europe Gardens I was looking for ideas for a disabled person’s limited space.
I have dead lumbar muscles in my back so always have to be where I can hold on to some kind of support and
work one handed.
Then realised I have a variegated shrub getting too big. Last year was wondering what to do with it.
Monty supplied the answer !
If I carefully cloud prune it with my small secateurs whilst using my walking aid for support, it will continue to make growth which I can trim with my new hand held strimmer (when I get it). Its positioned in front of a privet so in the right place for colour perspective.
Further along I have an existing Rosemary which I trimmed into a ball . Have to keep tidying that too.
I am getting the lawn professionally extending to cover the whole garden with turf in the spring so these shrub shapes are important.
Focal points cost money, our eyes get tired of them, but something that is growing and needs looking after helps us feel we are still gardening.
Thank you Monty.

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I do enjoy cloud pruning, Goldenoldie! I like the formality it can bring to certain shrubs and plants.
It’s good to hear you are finding a way to still enjoy gardening and making it less restricting for yourself too.
It’s all about getting out and doing what everyone loves best without making it too difficult or too hard.

12 Jan, 2020


that is excellent, you get to enjoy your garden too. I didn't see the monty don programme but glad it gave you inspiration.

13 Jan, 2020


Learning to be a disabled gardener is about thinking ahead.
There is a way to do every job if its carefully thought out.
I wait until the children next door come home from school and play in the garden. I know if I fall down I can call and they will hear me, fetch their mother with her pocket phone.
One thing I have found difficult is employing people to do my garden. They just dont want to work. Must be the push button age we live in.
I would rather struggle on slowly by myself than bother with them.

13 Jan, 2020


You are an inspiration GoldenOldie. Never give up doing what you love. Where there's a will, there's a way :)

14 Jan, 2020


That's an interesting solution to a challenging problem!
Wishing you success with your pruning and long may you continue gardening!

14 Jan, 2020


An essential ingredient in my book for enjoying gardening is being able to nurture the plants oneself and take pleasure in the outcome, and pruning is a major part of that ..... you are still very much an active gardener, Golden Oldie! They say 'where there's a will there's a way' and you are certainly proof of that, bravo!

15 Jan, 2020

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