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I am in my late 60's and enjoy looking after my garden. I wouldn't say I am an expert, but I love carnations and penstemons. My garden is big enough for me and my husband to keep weeded and filled, he tends the roses, and the lawns, I do the other bits,the pruning(not the roses tho) weeding and tidying up!I will take some pics to show you. As well as the two plants I've mentioned, I have delphiniums,fucshias(which are also one of my favourites), and I have had some really good antirinums, or "bunny rabbits" as my gran used to call them, this year. My neighbour is an avid and greenfingered lady and often gives me summer bedding ,when she's filled all her pots. I have some pots on our patio, but I'm not very good with them! I don't like to see fences, so from two bought pyracanthas I took load of cuttings, and have almost covered my side fence, so I'm quite chuffed with that.

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