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Try again tomatoes


About a fortnight back I sowed a variety of tomatoes in my electric propagator

Only one pack of seeds were fresh so some fails were expected

The failures were F1 Shirley, opened 2018, and my own saved 2018 Balcony Yellow [BY]

Today I’ve sown the two remaining Shirley seeds in hope they will come to something, I’d have thrown them out anyway due to failed germination

Also put some more of own BY in, belt & braces probably too many if they all germinate

Plus late comer, “Sunstream” own saved seed 2018 from some fresh toms I bought in Waitrose. Very experimental, no idea how true they will be, F1 originally I expect

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well as you know f1 or f2 give some variation in their offspring. but they may well be nice and tasty.

9 Mar, 2019


I grow seed saved from different coloured tiny toms from Lidl and one large beefsteak from the same place. Never had any problems yet. They come up pretty fast and always too many I'm afraid so some get "lobbed".

9 Mar, 2019


I find it hard to 'lob' my extra seedlings...I shall need to find someone who might want to bring them on. :) I like the idea of growing the supermarket varieties, as they always taste better than my home-grown ones. I noticed in a seed catalogue yesterday, one of their varieties...just one...specifically stated that this variety (can't remember name, but it was an elongated cherry) 'should taste even better than supermarket varieties'. So I'm now thinking that I'm not the only one who thinks my home grown ones aren't as good as Sainsbury's 'on the vine' ones.

10 Mar, 2019


I can't "lob" any surplus either, which is why I try hard to get it right first time, but never succeed. Plus of course other people's "orphan lobs" that need a good home

Like many gardeners there always space to squeeeeeze one in

I grew Jack Hawkins one year with seed saved from W'rose. Not keeper IMO so never bothered with that one since

10 Mar, 2019


I don't lob seedlings very often I have to say but I just sprinkled them on a seed tray and didn't realise there were so many. My own fault I know but I still have about fifty even though they've been thinned out. Plenty to give away to family and friends. I find the problem is room once I pot them on. I should be more careful when I sprinkle them!

12 Mar, 2019


I've sowed my tomato seeds today - Alicante and Ailsa Craig, from Wilko 75p per packet. I don't plant them out in the greenhouse until the end of May so I didn't want to start growing them sooner as they'll go leggy waiting to go in at the end of May when frosts are hopefully no more.

12 Mar, 2019

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