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Plum blossom time


My plum, variety “Stanley” has the blossom opening now Spring & warmer weather is here

It is in a large pot, potted to final position last year. I bought it in April 2012, from Lidl £2.49, bare root, dwarfing stock I hope

It has had a few flowers over the years but never as much as this and never had any fruit set, fingers crossed this year, it’s self fertile seemingly, which was one reason buying it because there are no other plums nearby

to the left in the background is my new Apple tree

To the right in background is my pear

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Isn't it glorious when all the fruit blossom is out? We have lots of fruit trees of various sorts, not that we actually eat much of it, give away what we can and keep some for the Blackbirds in the winter.
Plums I adore, but they don't like me if you know what I mean!
One fruiting Cherry tree which we have only ever had fruit from once in ten years. Every other year the pigeons have either eaten the buds or eaten the fruit before it is ripe. They can't get to the ends of the branches as they are too heavy - but the Blackbirds can!
Yours being in pots and a reasonable size can be protected I expect, but ours is too big.
Such fleeting blossom so enjoy it while it's there.

23 Mar, 2019


lovely fruit blossom. I love this time of year for all the blossom that's out. blackthorn is one of my favourites.
lovely narcissus too.

23 Mar, 2019


Is the flowering just on the plum GG? Looks really promising!
I'm getting some nice buds on my pears but nowhere near flowering yet. Keeping fingers crossed...

23 Mar, 2019


D8, only flowering on plum so far, the rest of the fruit is not far behind, probably waiting for a blizzard to arrive before it opens;-)

24 Mar, 2019


I love this time of the year, seeing all the blossom coming out, my plum is only just beginning to sprout so only time will tell how good its going to be, I gave it a massive haircut last autumn so waiting with bated breath...

24 Mar, 2019


Fruit blossom is so promising - fingers crossed it lives up to its promises this Spring Grandad G!

24 Mar, 2019


Stunning blossom pictures there I hope you get lots of fruit from them this year.

24 Mar, 2019


We moved in November here and there is a plum tree in the lawn, but has been severly cut back. Do you think it will blossom and fruit this year as its still quite bare GrandadG ? I also bought a good sized Discovery apple tree which will be staying in a big pot, so I don't know if this will fruit either.

25 Mar, 2019


Rose 1949, you are a bit further north than me so maybe blossom later, the fruit buds were visible earlier though

26 Mar, 2019


Thank you for getting back to me GrandadG. Since I wrote, there is the slightest bit of blossom appearing now.

30 Mar, 2019

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