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Roses grow on you


Last Autumn while pruning my roses I used some of the prunings as hardwood cuttings, plunged in a large pot and left out in the weather

Although no stranger to hardwood cuttings I thought I’d give this HT a go, it’s a lovely rose, strong with a scent you’d love & can smell it just being nearby

I’ve had it years, can’t remember where I bought it, but knowing me it was probably somewhere like Wilko or Asda for a quid

It’s rose deep secret

At least two of the cuttings have taken now, and the others are still green so I suspect they are alive and will show in time

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I have some 'pencil slips' in pots too but as yet they don't have much root despite top growth. So do be careful with your lovely cuttings.

25 Mar, 2019


Ooh..Deep Secret is beautiful! Well done. I did the same with Rambling Rosie this year and the cuttings have all taken. Ramblers are dead easy from cuttings! But I’ve yet to try any of my other roses.

25 Mar, 2019


I just love roses ! Years ago when we had large gardens , had 66 roses. I took cuttings the way you did it and took 16 of these cuttings with us when we moved a few years later.
Unfortunately when we moved where we are now , I had to leave some of them as they were too big to move. But I still have 16 now as I can't resist buying them!
I always thought that hybrid tea roses wouldn't take, so that is brilliant !

25 Mar, 2019


Blimey, Norman Vaughan! That's one for the teenagers?😄

26 Mar, 2019


Rose, I did hear of someone who rooted HT from a florists bunch

I know most are grafted but hoping on it's own roots will be fine, soon find out but I'll wait until I see roots from bottom of the pot, or 2020 to check, don't want to disturb them too much

26 Mar, 2019


I love my roses, I've gained extra bushes over the years by doing exactly the same thing, except mine went straight into the ground, nothing to lose have you, just leave them be for a couple of years, I have two Peace Rose Bushes, a few years back one of my dogs split my bush right down in the main stem, I was very angry to say the least, it was hanging on by a very thin strip where the split was, I staked the broken part down and heaped the earth up to protect the split, as you do when using the layering method, been like that for a few years now, was concerned that I'd end up with lots of suckers but never seen any yet, both shrubs now have their own root systems, I'm pleased I didn't cut the broken part away...

26 Mar, 2019


Well done Grandad G. - and everybody else who's managed it too. Scented roses for free can't be bad"!

26 Mar, 2019

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