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Figs looking good


I have two figs in my garden, variety is Brunswick, they came for Lidl / Wilko so nothing special.
One bought 2008, other 2012

Both are in pots, in a reasonably sheltered spot.I feed / water as required but they are not molly coddled, I prune as I feel like it, gets in my way, or too tall?
Off comes the offending branch in the early part of the year

Last year’s heat produced a bumper crop, and looking at the embryo fruits this year may be a repeat, very weather dependant of course

The first two the older one, from Lidl

The next two are from Wilko, £4.38 in March 2012

And this is the final result, taken in 2018, with 50p for scale

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They look healthy well done growing figs out doors.😊

20 Apr, 2019


Nice figs! I gave up on mine.

20 Apr, 2019


Lovely plants they look very healthy. Hope you have a good crop this year.

20 Apr, 2019


Thanks, fingers crossed, if today's weather is a foretaste I'll be knee deep in them

20 Apr, 2019


Figs are definitely on my list! Do they take long to start fruiting? The one thing my garden has in its favour is it's South facing with a paved area that's a really good sun trap & retains heat overnight. I even managed to grow a couple of aubergines there which isn't bad for outdoors in Manchester. Is it too late to order a couple for putting out this year?

20 Apr, 2019


Great that you can grow figs. I've never seen them growing or seen any to buy. I hope you get a good crop this year again.

21 Apr, 2019


D8, they seem to get going after a couple of years, they fruit near tips on previous years wood, hence the pruning cycle is get new growth whilst limiting size

Never too late to get some, give them a year's summer to get going & settled. They are quite ornamental plants as well, give a touch of exotics to the place

21 Apr, 2019


We inherited one with the bungalow, but don't eat them, so they get given away. It gets 'pruned' a bit like Grand-gardener, when it tries to take over and I have stabbed myself on it a few times!

21 Apr, 2019


Thanks GG, I'll keep a lookout for a couple.
I got a surprise today when I went to pinch out the side shoots on my toms & they all had flower buds! Bit too early so I nipped them off but a promise of things to come hopefully

21 Apr, 2019

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