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Wildlife while planting beans


I was planting the last of my climbing French beans this morning, taking the opportunity after yesterday’s rain and spotted these two, friend & foe

Sorry pics are not as clear as I’d like, new phone & finding the camera is not as good as I’d hoped

This chap looks a bit soggy on a foxglove after the rain, fingers crossed he dries out now sun’s out

And this cheeky blighter could’ve at least waited until I turned my back.

The tub is Vitax Q4, my first time of using it & I’ve found it a big improvement from my normal chicken poo pellets, more expensive though

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Glad the gardening is going well, even with the help of the snail. Perhaps he is attracted to the smell of the new pellets you are using. Also I expect him and all his mates are grateful for the recent rain after all that hot weather!

28 Jun, 2020


I've seen hardly any snails so far this year

28 Jun, 2020


I've had a few, but they suddenly find they have to cross the road to get back to my garden

28 Jun, 2020


I hadn't seen many, but it had been very dry and hot for weeks, now I haven't seen them but half of my newly planted petunia's disappeared last Friday night.. Grrr..,, To add insult to injury my beans have been uprooted many times and most of them eaten, the culprits were the pigeons and magpies, now that was a surprise , if I hadn't actually seen the beggars I would have blamed it all on the pigeons, I used a net but they still managed to get underneath, I have given up on them....

29 Jun, 2020


I haven’t had many, it did spot a couple of slugs and snails after the heavy downpours last week...especially climbing up my sunflowers and they’d had a nibble at an Achillea and demolished some poppies I’d planted out...

29 Jun, 2020


a little bit of slug damage here too. to add insult we watched one of hedgehogs sniff a slug ignore it and eat the food we'd put out for them: fussy blighter. The slug then proceeded to eat the hedgehog food whilst 'sliming' next to the hog. We couldn't believe what we were seeing but we do have a photo/video of it.

1 Jul, 2020

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