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Pear rust has arrived


Over the summer I have watched as my pear gradually developed brown spots on some leaves

I left them, mainly because I was not 100% certain what they were or the cause, plus the pear was growing well, nice glossy leaves etc

However this weekend I spotted further developments with the blemishes and further research confirmed my suspicions of “Pear Rust”

The jury seems to be out on whether, apart from visually, it will harm the tree. The disease has only been in the UK since 2013 so I assume there is not enough solid UK based evidence to come to a conclusion

Because there were not many affected leaves, [about 30] I decided to remove those affected & put them in the dustbin

I’ll keep my eyes open for next year and remove leaves as I see them. The pear is eating one and no approved fungicide available for them

Here are some of what i had

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Those close up photos look almost scary Grandad.
Good luck with your pear tree next year.

21 Sep, 2020


Terrible looking thing :( I hope it doesn't reappear next year, but you will know what it is so maybe you could try to remove the leaves before it spreads.

21 Sep, 2020

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