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Figs from cuttings


Thought I’d get my experience with rooting fig cuttings in water down for the record and anyone thinking of trying increasing their stock of figs

At the beginning of this year I was pruning my figs and idly pondered about trying to strike some cuttings from the prunings

Normally with cuttings I use the poke a stick in the soil and leave it alone to root or die method.

However this time I looked on You Tube just in case someone had another easy, cheap & cheerful way and found some said they root easily in water.
That method seemed cheap & cheerful enough for me to try, so I stuck about half a dozen twigs from the pruning into a jar half filled with tap water and left on the proverbial kitchen window sill

By April nodules had appeared on the stems

During May the nodules turned into white roots and this was the result beginning of June

All looked well so gently removed from the water and here they are, all rooted

Finally potted up as below, and now just waiting for them to settle and make roots into compost

Conclusion – An easy method to gain more figs and took approx four months without any failures so far

Update for August 2023
The two figs I kept have now fruited, one fig on each plant, pics below. Still in pots

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That's useful to know, Grandad. I put 2 cuttings into compost, a la Monty Don, in the Autumn and still no sign of anything happening. I shall have to try your method.

12 Jun, 2021


Well done, Grandadgardener! Your fig cuttings look very healthy indeed. Hoping you see some tasty fruits!

12 Jun, 2021


Just goes to prove it's always worth a try with anything. You might read all sorts of 'proper' ways to propagate things, but the real way is to just give it a go! Well done, let's hope you like figs!

12 Jun, 2021


just remember plants cant read what they are supposed o do ;o)

well done for persevering.

12 Jun, 2021


Brill, and so satisfying! Hope you have room for them all!

13 Jun, 2021


Plant life is so amazing! I've experimented with many plants in water over the decades & it's quite surprising what will root in water!

For the last 2 years I've pruned my Dragon Tree back in the spring & put the cuttings in water & have had almost 100% success with rooting them, potting them up & growing them on!

17 Oct, 2021


Just to update the figs, they all survived potting on into soil and three been passed on & now have new homes

18 Oct, 2021


Further update August 2023, the two figs I kept have now fruited, just one fig on each but presumably will get better as the years go by

13 Aug, 2023


Congratulations! Isn't it so fulfilling when this happens?

13 Aug, 2023


Congratulations, Grandad!

I have a veritable forest of Dragon trees from the cutting I've rooted in water over 3 years! I don't know what to do with them!

16 Aug, 2023

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