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Grapefruit - worth the wait?


My son sowed a grapefruit pip while he was at university, he then did normal student things and left a forlorn green thing for dad to look after when he went off doing things post graduate twenty-something lads do, including eventually marrying and bringing up a family

And now, over thirty years later, I present grapefruit flowers with more to come. They took a few decades but arrived at last
This plant is root bound in a pot, outside & in a sheltered SE facing corner with sun until early afternoon. It dries out, gets frosted, snowed upon and generally neglected, with an occasional dose of Tomato feed if I think of it during summer

Not expecting fruit, but you never know, I’ll do the pollen transfer thing with a brush if opportunity arises

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that is also typical of daughters too!

13 Jun, 2023


Lol Eileen!
That's been worth waiting for Grandad G! Are you going to reward it with a bigger pot or leave well alone? Do let us know if any fruit sets! Does your son remember planting it?

13 Jun, 2023


That's good to hear, and I hope you'll get some nice friut on it one day :)

14 Jun, 2023


Stera, I'm leaving well alone, any fruit would be a super bonus, but I shan't hold my breath as they say

15 Jun, 2023


That’s great, to think you’ve kept it going all those years.
I hope you get plenty of flowers, ( do they smell)?

18 Jun, 2023


Quick update. FeverF, flowers scent, none I detected, but there were only about six flowers

I "think" they have set fruit but can't be certain just yet, the flowers have not dropped off and the centre green blob I think is starting to swell after I hand pollinated with a brush

Another week should see if set or not, thinking of apples & plums, they have small fruits that then drop off, so I think it's wait & see for now

21 Jun, 2023

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