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We have a little nut tree, nothing did it "bare" !!


OH and I were laughing happily at squirrel nutkins antics in our garden yesterday, he was busy munching, then burying, disappearing, swinging from the trees, re-appearing, running along the fence and scratching at the lawn. When he hopped off, we went out to see what he had been up to !!

Our nut tree, stripped of all fruits !

The evidence, some of our cob nuts, now buried under our lawn somewhere !!

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lol well some ones bin busy haha. hope u dident want them ;0p

19 Aug, 2010


Cristina, have had this tree for a few years now and never tasted one single nut !

19 Aug, 2010


lol where that persky little nut theif lol ;0p

19 Aug, 2010


ps. hows the collarge going .worked it out yet.

19 Aug, 2010


Feeling very pleased with himself I bet. Lol

19 Aug, 2010


Cristina, Re. collage, I did post a comment to you about it but think you might have missed it, not to worry, I am stuck with the collage, cant seem to do the tagging bit but I will keep trying and I will master it one day, mums funeral is on Monday so I need to be on here to take my mind of things, will let you know and possibly see the results one day soon !!
Thanks sweet.

19 Aug, 2010


am sorry hun . understand ............... u will work it out and then u will say why cud i not do that b 4 lol x thort i sent u a reply love. bt the taging thing . no prob am rubish wth instuctions x

19 Aug, 2010


Cristina you did send it to me but I am rubbish at mo !!

19 Aug, 2010


I bet they were lovely and juicy. Not like the dried up ones in the shops. Lol. So sorry about your Mum Mage. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. x

19 Aug, 2010


That is kind Linda LL, had a strange fortnight but think everything is in place now, I love being on here to take my mind off things. x x =`0)

20 Aug, 2010


Grandmage,I am so sorry to hear you have lost your mum.I haven't been on much lately,so must have missed it.Please accept my condolences to you and your Family.My thoughts will be with you...xx

20 Aug, 2010


Bloomer, thanks very much, I have been so touched by everyones love and kindness, yours included. Goy has been my lighthearted retreat ! x x

21 Aug, 2010


Hello Grandmadge,
Sorry to hear that you lost your Mum...but please remember and focus on the laughs you had, the funny things you did together ....the memories are sweet - don't loose them !!

You are lucky to be able to help look after and bring up your grandson.....mine now lives 6,500 miles away.... it was his 9th birthday last week and the nearest I could get was to blow kisses when we Skyped them the evening before.
Keep on with the love/hate relationship with the garden - husband has experienced the same frustration as you .. planted some cob nut trees and the squirrels always get there first - but this year we have picked about 2lbs. a lot from the wild nut trees - our kentish Cobs and expensive trees seem to be much more tempting.

Harvesting is going strong in mid wales - added to the fact that we now have 4 geese (one Gander, three Geese) and last week added 4 hens - 12 eggs in seven days !!!!

Without the cost of feed and time each egg has cost £1.66 at the moment but the laughter and pleasure has been great....picture me last Fri. - one hen is an escapologist... within 1 hour of being let out of the coop - she has flown to the top of the hen house and launched herself over the (very expensive) electric fense..........takes a walk down the track
into the yard to visit the geese - who totally ignore her. She wanderers along the garden fence trying all the gaps until she finds one that she can get thro'
She is thro' into the garden - has a poke about the flowerbeds and then with no more ado... finds the path to the orchard and disappears in to the horizen.

An hour or so later she reappears and trys the geese again - they are having none of this interloper = lout quacks and she is off back the the hen patch but on the way decides to look into the field opposite - she stares and the sheep - they stare back - stand off Back the hen hen house but she can't get in..............wanders round the paddock cackling like mad - the other three chicken reply with what I suspect was "we have food and treats".. ha ha.

She then decides that it would be better to roost in the barn with the straw bales than in the nice, secure hen house - couldn't catch her first time round, but caught her the second time and popped her into the hen house....she was received like the very late arrival at a hotel lots of squaks and rustles.

However she hasn't escaped again and the geese now go up every morning and walk round the hens paddock then they all appear to have a natter and then depart

Life on the farm is hilarious!!! Take care hope to hear from you soon


23 Sep, 2010

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