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Going up the fence!


As some of you will know we only have a very small garden so spotting some vertical planters in the garden centre gave me an idea to place a piece of soil pipe horizontally along the fence to plant up some bedding plants. The buying of the pipe was difficult as it only came in 3 mt lengths from the builders’ merchant, rather longer than our car LOL. DIY stores only sold drain pipe which wouldn’t have been big enough. When we bumped into a friend of our daughter who we mistook for a member of staff and explained what we wanted, he surprised us by saying he had a piece left over from a building job he had done and it was ours if we wanted it! He had only been buying supplies for his own business so we were lucky to have seen him especially as we don’t know him well. He took us to the place where it was and then drove it home in his van for us.

John quickly got his tools out and prepared to cut out the planting holes.

It was rather warm work so a “tea” break was in order!

Not forgetting the drainage holes!

Brackets going up to hold the pipe

Finally all secure so the pipe can be raised (and I can get planting!)

plants are in! Bizzie Lizzies in various colours (No names, just mixed)

They are getting going now so I will wander round the garden until they are showing some colour and worth looking at lol

The oriental poppies are wonderful as usual but such a lot more!

Foxgloves are claiming lots of space – bees love them!

Cranesbill geranium? another plant buzzing with bees


Another poppy. One year I planted a packet of seeds and since then they appear but very abundantly this year.

Shamrock is a little out of focus!

A different poppy colour

no space left empty!

This Poppy (yes another one!) is a long term resident

Blue Delphinium getting a bit past it’s best now but white one only just in bud!

Have they grown? I do believe they have!

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Haven't they grown! A great idea, just think how it will look in another couple of weeks, can we have more pics then?

18 Jun, 2010


Thanks Dido Yes I will post more pics when they have grown some more, hopefully filling the space and covering the pipe.

18 Jun, 2010


Well doen Grannysue, lovely garden. Great idea with the pipe! The pond is beautiful! How do you keep the cats away from the fish?

18 Jun, 2010


Ingenious grannysue! Did you put compost in the whole of the pipe or contain it somehow underneath each hole?

18 Jun, 2010


lovely blog, got so many ideas from this just looking at your pictures!!!. Especially liked your pond and the use you made of the drain pipe. Good use of space. Mmmm made me think thanks

18 Jun, 2010


what a clever idea, it really cheers up a fence and a good alternative to a window box type. I bet it doesn't dry our too quick, have you put extra watering holes in it.

18 Jun, 2010


What a brilliant idea....It's got me thinking now. Thanks :-)

18 Jun, 2010


Great idea! It's got me thinking too...:o) Your garden looks lovely, especially the poppies and the pond.

18 Jun, 2010


What a great idea you had, I have a feeling its going to catch on! Can`t wait to see it once the Busy Lizzies have grown. Lovely photos too. :o)

18 Jun, 2010


Thankyou so much dear friends for all your wonderful comments. John and I are thrilled that so many of you took the time to say such nice things. Also so happy to have given some ideas. :0)))))

19 Jun, 2010


Jan65 yes I filled the pipe as much as possible with compost once it was installed (would have been easier to do on ground probably but then would have been even heavier to lift in position.
kfunsters John put drainage holes underneath but I wish now the planting holes had been a bit bigger as watering is getting a bit hard now the plants are growing rapidly!
Aitch, The fish are large and the sides of the pond not easy to negotiate even for a cat so none have ever been claimed by cats even though we have neighbours ones coming in. Also we have fencing all round (for grandchildren) which though not fool proof is a deterant of sorts.
Great and cazzalyn, please feel free to copy lol
Labdancer I will put some more pics on when the plants are in full bloom.
Dylandog I do love my poppies and the pond, so peaceful.

19 Jun, 2010


i do like to see a man at work !! an what agood job too .. your garden looks lovely

19 Jun, 2010


good idea with the soil pipe i have a wishing well in my garden and the rainwater gutters are planted up with trailing lobelia good pics as well

19 Jun, 2010


Your garden looks wonderful. What a good job you saw your daughter's friend :o) The pipe looks great. Nice to have someone to fix it for you aswell. lol...

20 Jun, 2010


Thank you all for your lovely comments it makes all the blog well worth the effort.
Viv He is worth his weight in gold and is always ready to help with DIY but I never let him near the plants as he assumes they are all weeds ARGH!!

Speedy I can imagine how lovely your gutters look festooned with Lobelia. Can you throw a coin in wishing well please and ask for some Summer. lol

Hywel Yes a very happy "bum into" Now what else was I in need of? lol

20 Jun, 2010

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