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update on soil pipe planter.


A short while ago I told how we came across this piece of pipe and added pictures of how John “fashioned” it and put it up on the fence which I filled with bizzy Lizzies.


I did make a very big mistake however when I gave John the proportions for the planting holes. I should have doubled the size and asked for extra holes for watering as non that the plants are mature they have filled the entire space so it makes for very difficult watering.

is this Feverfew the herb? it just grows in my garden and is such a welcome plant I don’t mind just would like to know please.

Day Lily now putting on a pretty show.

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What a show! Where's the pipe gone? lol They look grand grannysue

15 Jul, 2010


Beautiful.. well done :o)

15 Jul, 2010


Wow! It's beautiful

15 Jul, 2010


Dear Dido, Terra & Cazz many thanks for your wonderful comments.

15 Jul, 2010


Stunning display,Grannysue,and all look so healthy.I copied an idea of Richard's and grew mixed salad leaves in troughing,great success too.I like the idea of planting bizzy lizzies though....I feel another trough coming on next year now..
Thanks for another good idea..:o)).

15 Jul, 2010


This looks wonderful Sue, what a great idea it was - really completes your display with the other planters. :o)) Are they baskets or wall planters? Must have been hard keeping them watered in the recent hot weather.

15 Jul, 2010


Your plant looks like Feverfew to me. It used to be a weed in my dad's garden many years ago.
Your planting is beautiful in spite of the difficulty watering. Maybe make the holes bigger for next year.

15 Jul, 2010


Its really lovely Sue, you have a wonderful display thanks to your novel idea. :o)

15 Jul, 2010


Looks fantastic -what an imaginative use of material - they could make nice window 'boxes' too.

15 Jul, 2010


Bless you all,Bloomer,Lily2, Hywel, Labdancer & Peonyrose, for your very encouraging remarks which I really do appreciate. :0)))
Thank you also Hywel for your confirmation on my query about the Feverfew which has sprung up in every available space. Mmm does that mean I need to plant some more plants - shouldn't have spaces should I lol

16 Jul, 2010



16 Jul, 2010


Your spacing will probably be OK next year if you make bigger (or more) watering holes. Hopefully the plants will get bigger if you're able to water and feed them more easily. I expect they'll grow some more this year too as it's still quite early, I hope mine haven't stopped growing yet - still got lots of spaces!

16 Jul, 2010


Thanks Lily, yes John has got "Make more and bigger holes" on his 'To Do' list for next year lol. We make mistakes to keep our poor old brains ticking over and to ensure more work for our already overworked lives lol the flowers are taking quite a battering today with all this wind but I think they will be safe. Actually since they stopped baking in all the sun the flowers are much better now and I have just unearthed one of those filter things (brain died can't remember what it is called Doh! What you pour liquid into and it goes down to a small hole. Oh! dear I am having a very serious Senior moment Sorry. Anyway I am hoping it will help with the "Pipe watering" later. Shaft of light - It's a funnel YE!!!!!

Thankz Doddy for taking time to comment, nice to have you on board.

16 Jul, 2010


I spent this morning ripping out vines (can't remember the name) that I had planted 7 years ago to cover the lattice on my deck. They have been totally infested since last year with Japanese Beetles. Broke my heart but I cannot stand the beetles.
I stumbled upon your pics and am now completely motivated with new ideas...well your ideas. I can now stop searching for replacement vines and will be able to change things up every spring with a new palette!
Thanks so much for sharing!

21 Jul, 2011


Thanks Lil sorry not returned to say so earlier. I have not been on here for ages so it is nice to be catching up a bit today. I planted up my 'pipe' again this year with much bigger planting holes. Yes it was better for feeding and watering but the bizzy Lizzies and other annuals grew even thicker stems thus filling the holes again!!!! Thinking cap on and methinks I may have to get John to completely cut the top out which of course would mean even thicker stems next year. Will I ever perfect this planting idea? LOL x

28 Sep, 2011

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