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Early one morning just as the sun was rising................


No I am not about to sing you a song Lol. I started to tell you a story some while ago before my camera started playing up and before I had managed to get the appropriate pictures installed on computer.

Anyway as I was saying, John looked out of the kitchen window and exclaimed that the water in the pond looked a bit low. We went to investigate and found the level had dropped conciderably and we had visions of it all leaking out and marooning the poor fish. The previous day a garden chair had been blown into the pond so we assumed that must have punctured the liner.

So thinking caps on. The fish are quite big and the last time we needed to empty the pond we struggled to find a container big enough to keep them happy long enough to drain the water, replace the liner and then re-fill the pond.
We have mixer taps in the kitchen which won’t accomodate any of the hose-pipe connectors that we have looked at so all water in and out of the pond has to be bucketed out! We just weren’t looking forward to these jobs at all.

John then had a eureka moment, so up the stairs I scurried to un-earth the grandchildrens blow up paddling pool. As we haven’t got a pump it meant we had to blow it up ourselves. No mean task!

Well we had to have a bit of fun!
So buckets, nets and wellies at the ready we prepared for the hard work ahead… get the fish out, empty all the water, go and buy a new liner, then re-fill the hole again to create the fish’s new home.
Suddenly John cried out, (I thought he had fallen in!) But no! He grinned and said,“Just look at the soil at the side of the waterfall!” A senior moment perhaps? Then I saw what he had just discovered; the soil area that he was pointing at was much darker in colour than the surrounding soil! In a flash he was on his hands and knees on the very soggy soil!

All became clear when he found the soil very soggy in just one small area, but big enough to be emptying the gallons of water. It could have been a cat but the previous day we had seen a hedgehog so maybe he had been guilty of snuffling about under the stones and rocks and dislodged one that was holding up the side of the waterfall liner, thus slowly emptying all the precious water. This rectified our task was much simpler. Now all that was needed was the carrying of water from the kitchen and our water butt.

So that was our Sunday morning; but we were just so pleased that it ended happily. The fish are happily (I think!) swimming around unaware of the drama which surrounded them!

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Alls well that ends well. Your fish look very happy. You have a very nice pond. :0)

27 Sep, 2009


Yous had a busy morning grannysue fish are lovely great you got everything sorted out well done....:~))))

27 Sep, 2009


thank you it was such a relief to find we didn't need to do all the work we were dreading :~)))

27 Sep, 2009


THanks Mobee :~)))

27 Sep, 2009


That was lucky! Well done John - I bet it was a GREAT relief to you both, while the fish didn't realise that anything was amiss!

27 Sep, 2009


Wow! well saved, I bet that was a big relief.

27 Sep, 2009


Oh my just thinking of trying to blow up one of those pools makes me dizzy! glad you found the leak before you drained it..good job on that for sure. Love your fish they are so you cover it to keep heron out?

27 Sep, 2009


Thank you all for your remarks. Yes it was a great relief thanks to John's quick spotting of the leak.
Catfish I can assure you that the blowing up of that pool did indeed cause some dizzyness!!!
We live in town so thankfully have never seen any herons unlike my niece who lives on the outskirts and has lost a few of her fish to one. She has has to net her pond but we only have had to fence ours off to prevent grandchildren falling in. Actually that worked very well and the only person to have slipped in was ME when the front fence was down as John was cleaning the filter and I was watering hanging baskets and not watching where I put my feet ended up in there up to my knees! John tried not to laugh LOL Love Sue xx

27 Sep, 2009


I can well imagine the relief you must have felt,its darned hard emptying and refilling the pond. Pleased for you and Sue I,ve upended myself many a time in my pond,lol.....

27 Sep, 2009


What great storytelling! When I can picture something in my mind form your words, and feel the emotions it is a great talent you have...thanks for sharing.
By the by...great pond!

28 Sep, 2009


AH! thank you HW that means a great deal to me :~)))) Also a big thank you to Lincslass, Spritz, and Bobq Love Sue XX

29 Sep, 2009 some of my happiest moments have been when I have managed to get in over my head..literally! life even "more" interesting..Love-n-Hugz to you too.. Sue..xx

29 Sep, 2009


Thanks Cat :~))))) Love Sue x

30 Sep, 2009


sue you were so lucky it wasnt inside your pond, but bad enough , glad you got it all sorted out without to much mess :o))

7 Apr, 2010


Thanks Sandra yes I would like to say I learnt a few new words that day but no I have heard them all before lol

7 Apr, 2010


lol sue i know exactly what you mean ;o))

7 Apr, 2010

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