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Pond Update/Viist to the wildlife Trust Centre


By great


My little tin bath pond is free from Algae!!!! thanks to the oxgenating plant I was send by Ray and Jane. Thank you 2 so much.

I visited the wildlife trust centre in Dulwich today and saw a beautiful pond. But unfortunately the lady I needed to see wasen’t there; so I couldn’t ask all the questions I wanted to ask. But I was given her email adress, so here’s hoping that she emails me back!!

It was so tranquile. I felt so peaceful being there. The pond was rather large, full of tadpoles, a very large frog who looked like ‘the daddy’ of the pond. It was also full to the brim with newts. Also flying around the pond where so many Damselflies. There brightly blue colours were amazing.

In the pond was a large lily ready to burst into bloom. Beautiful yellow flag irises in full flower and lots of oxygenating plants covering the surface of the water. Around the pond there were water forget-me-nots. In the pond were spearheaded shaped plants but I am not sure of the name of these and also a tall emergent plant with white flowers – don’t know the name of that one either.

I did take a camera but the shutter got jammed so no photos of my visit im afraid. I’ll just have to go back again lolI

I found it hard to tear myself away from the pond it was so wonderful. My girls walked off and left me, they thought one tadpole looks very much like another lol

I was rahter hoping to buy some native plants from the centre but I was told they have stopped selling plants as they don’t want to spread diseases into other ponds!

All in all, with the beautiful sunshine we finally had today, it was a lovely day.

Just wished the place was easier to find, we were walking round and round in circles trying to find it!!!. I am really glad we didnt give up. It was well worth a visit.

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Glad you had a good visit Dragonflies, Frogs and newts just arrive if you have water and will give you much pleasure.

2 Jun, 2010


Glad the oxygenators worked Great...didnt take long to in ours too.Sounds like you had a lovely day out.Would love to have newts here too....maybe one day....: o)

2 Jun, 2010


glad you had a great day,glad about the pond too,chris

2 Jun, 2010


sounds like u had a brill time hun . saw dragon flies in brazill like u never seens ,scary lol . we have 1 or 2 in summer. hope u get lots . its going well i c .xxx

3 Jun, 2010


Sounds like you had a nice day out - I love the colours of the wings on dragonflies. I admit one tadpole looks the same as all the others to me too but they are good in the garden!!!

3 Jun, 2010


Nice to hear you had a great day. That place sounds wonderful. I hope you'll be able to visit it again since you enjoyed so much.

3 Jun, 2010


Hywel if I can find it again, i will be def going back. Cant believe such a wonderful place was so hard to find!!

4 Jun, 2010

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