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By great


Last night before going to bed I went out to ‘check’ on my garden. I lost all track of time after being on GOY for 3 hours lol The washing was still on the line. Oh I am so glad my neighbours couldn’t see me. I was staggering about in the garden collecting in my washing, kept falling over the laundry basket, as you do, in the dark!!! And NO I didn’t have a drink before I ventured out!!!! (Bloomer and Grandmage I can hear you you know lol). Then I saw it; not one, not two but three real live bats!!!!!!!! I shrieked with joy. I love nature. One bat flew right over my head!. There I was standing very still in my garden starring at the sky. Oh how I wished I could have taken pictures of them. Wish I knew how, there so fast.

Since we put the pond in, I did wonder if bats would drink from it. Maybe one day there’ll stop for a drink. Better keep it free of the blanket weed. Don’t want them to get tangled up in it.

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Great not sure what you mean about bloomer and me !!!! Did you have a drink when you ventured back in though?? That is the question? LOL :0))) ha ha. However how lovely to see bats in the garden, cute little creatures you will have to put up a bat box now!

21 Jul, 2010


I am sure it was you and bloomer that said something about falling in my pond after a drink. Just a bit of fun GM I have been thinking about bat boxes for a while now

21 Jul, 2010


Couldnt have been me Great surely !!!!!!!!!! As for bat boxes go for it Great, you have nothing to lose.

21 Jul, 2010


In past years I have seen bats in my garden, but not recently, so has anybody got info on bat boxes, whao they look like and where to put them any info would be helpful.

21 Jul, 2010
Kfunsters, go onto this website and read all about siting bat boxes etc. or tap into google ,bat boxes and you can take your pick, hope this helps.

21 Jul, 2010


Know what you mean, once on here time flies past, you paint a vivid picture of you sitting in the washbin,lol,....
We always have bats flying around but have never discovered where they live.............

21 Jul, 2010


thats fantastic great. that happened to me as well 3 of em ,i love it allso. so much had to phone oh at work just to tell him lol . so well undestand how u felt bt it . bat boxes here we come. :0)

21 Jul, 2010


Reckon its 'bats in the belfry' myself Lol !!!!!

21 Jul, 2010


haha or we are all batty lol x

22 Jul, 2010


Thats good great.... glad you saw them... i often see them flying past at dusk...

22 Jul, 2010


we have lots of bats to pauline, love to see them swooping in the garden and between the houses ;o))

23 Jul, 2010


The bats have taken ages to come into my garden after the dreaded building of new houses was errected at the end of my road. But I am glad to see them back again.

24 Jul, 2010


Lucky you, hope they are still around? We had a solitary bat one year, he used to fly around our garden, we'd sit out waiting for him. I don't know what happened, but he just stopped visiting. I hope he found his family as I think they live in colonies and he must somehow have got lost:-)

7 Aug, 2010


We saw a little bat flittin around the other evening too, my brother has been staying with me and needs to pop out into the garden for a quick ciggie and I was talking to him out there when we saw this little creature, a lovely sight !

7 Aug, 2010


I am always suppriced and delighted to see bats. I dont know why, but I get very excited when I see them. Drackula had no effect on me lol

8 Aug, 2010


When a mere sprog, I went with my friend to work at Butlins, Pwllheli where there was a lake with a small island. At Midnight, when the lights around the lake went out, all the bats used to leave the island for their night flight, what a wonderful sight! We often went to watch, I think they're exciting too, maybe because they're elusive and nocturnal?:-)

9 Aug, 2010


I ve been noticing that in my local area more and more bat boxs have gone up which is great news. Havent seen my friends lately its been raining. Dont think bats like rain. The new building at the end of my road has bat boxs on the side of the building. I am still trying to find someone to make a box for me.

10 Aug, 2010 Great take a look at this box it's £13 which I think is reasonable or tap in bat box on google and think you can buy plans for making them !!! C'mon, you could make one, clever girl !

10 Aug, 2010

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