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Update on Wildlife Area September 2010


By great


Hi everyone,
I have been asked by my friends to show you all pictures of my wildlife area. So here they are. I should have taken some before and after pictures; as I took out a lot of orange cocosmia as they were swamping the pond.

I need your help my friends. The pond has had lots of blanket weed in it. Which I have been removing; however the pond smells of stagnent water!! There are only a couple of snails in the pond that I can see. Please share your advise with me. I have had no frogs, only the local cats seem to use my pond as a watering hole. Seen no birds coming to drink in it lately either. Don’t think the poor things like chain saws they make such a noise!!

Next door took down some large tress and shrubs so I asked for a few logs to add to my log pile as I now have stag beetles living in my garden.

The neighbours have removed everything in their garden. They say they will lay down a lawn. I am very worried about the birds. I havent seen any since they started clearing their garden. There is no cover in the garden, and no where for the birds to perch in the tress as they have all gone. Its such a shame. As you can imagine my garden is letting in a lot more light which is good. But the birds!!! the poor birds!!!!

The garden is a blank canvas. Totally bare. Apart from the two shubs which I begged them not to remove. The birds need some where to sit I said. Bet they thought I was barmy; but if I did’t suggest that they left them in situ they would have been gone. (Me cheeky-never!)

I have been planting the area next to the wildlife area.

It makes me laugh I grew sunflowers in pots, planted them out and the slugs ate them all. These ones growing here, fell out of the bird feeder and they have survived!!! I have planted some border carnations , fuschias and Meadow clary and Verbena (I think there verbena lol). I have lavender in pots but I think I may plant them around the edge of this boarder;
1. to define it and
2. to keep my expected puppy away from the foxgloves.
Yes, yes I know, I have a few fence repairs to do, otherwise I will loose my puppy. I hear you lol

No luck on the puppy front. I keep making phone calls only to find out, I am ringing pet shops!!! I thought pet shops were banned from selling puppies. Any one know of any Cavalier King Charles Spaniels being bred in the London area?? TT, Pamq said you might know of someone?

I need to start getting the garden ready for the winter. What should I do in the wildlife area? Should I put down some bark chips to keep the roots of the plants warm. I don’t want to loose any plants in this area, as I have worked so hard on it. I have noticed in other garden that the leaves are turning yellow and orange. Autumn is creeping up on as all.
Well thats all for now. Happy gardening everyone.

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Dont worry about your neighbours, Great, just concentrate on your own garden, which you have, and maybe you could plant a tree or two, just small ones, even fruit ones to encourage the birds back. Anyway the birds always go a little quiet at this time of year after nesting and feeding etc, they are worn out and need to build themselves up for winter, continue to put food out for them as they usually feed early in the morning before anyone is around also maybe you could add a bird bath because they prefer shallow water to bathe and drink from. Your pond looks brilliant and the planting has come on leaps and bounds since your first photos earlier this year, it's amazing. Gardening needs patience sometimes and sometimes even years before benefits are rewarded.

12 Sep, 2010


wow what a fantastic change from the bare soil earlier in the year. I 'd just do a general tidy up , but i tend to leave stems on as many insects crawl into hollow stems and overwinter in there.

12 Sep, 2010


Thanks ladies. Grandmage you know patience isn't one of my virtues lol I thought I wouldn't hear from you for a couple of days - did you take your laptop with you??
Yes SBG I did hear somewhere about insects crawling into stems. There seems to ba a lot of spiders in my garden. I have walked into 4 spiders webs today!!! yuck

12 Sep, 2010


Great, I've just looked at your previous blog entries about the construction of your pond and then viewed this one as well.

It's amazing the transformation from just a few months ago...well done you! You mention the spiders webs.....then start to flourish and make an appearance here the house....EEK! Big, huge, giant ones they are. Not nice to walk into the webs in the garden but very pretty if they have dew or early rain on them...then they sparkle like diamonds.

Very interesting blog, Great. :)

12 Sep, 2010


Thank you Whistonlass. As long as the spiders stay in the garden Im happy. Have this fear of going to sleep and waking up in the middle of the night with one on my face yuck, oh horrible

12 Sep, 2010


Hi Great...
Message me privately if you would like info. re. CKCS. :o)

12 Sep, 2010


The birds will find somewhere else to perch ... don't worry about silly neighbours ... ours never feed the birds so more for me I say!

Good luck with finding a puppy ... how exciting! My daughter has just got 2 adorable kittens & I just want to keep hugging them!

12 Sep, 2010


Thanks Fluff I'll let you all know when I find her!! I am sure there will be loads of photos of my new pup on here when I get her

13 Sep, 2010


great if you ring the kennel club they will give you a list of breeders in ur area, my friend avertizies with them and sell to them . she said that's the best way to go . gud luck all good breeder are reg, with them get no in the phone book x

13 Sep, 2010


Hi Christina. Yes rang the Kc they only have boys or the breeders are tooooo far away! Where does your friend live???

14 Sep, 2010


m/c but she breeds the ones that look like little sheep lol white wth curly coat. spose u just have too keep trying then hun . if i hear of anything will let u know xx

21 Sep, 2010


thanks christina, won't be online for a while family problems

22 Sep, 2010


o dear how are you now !!! hope alls well with you .have you got ur pup yet

3 Nov, 2010

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