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Haven't forgotten you honest


By great


Oh my word, is it really 3 months since I’ve been on here!!!!! Oh my dear, dear friends I have not forgotten any of you. Life has been, well, rotten to say the least. I won’t go into why.

How is everyone??

Well Mischa my puppy is now 6 months old. She’s weird -no really she is!!!. She has 2 rows of teeth top and bottom. Her puppy teeth are falling out but the new ones seem to grow next to her baby teeth. Is this a Yorkie thing?

The garden has come through the winter, without looking too bad. I’m afraid I haven’t done anything in the garden as yet – except look at it hahaha (does that count!)
So I am really behind. Has anyone got any ideas on how I can catch up. I’ve only just today started to chit my spuds!

The pond is full of blanket weed, oh bliss!! Still nothing in it – well I’m not really surprised. I must say though, out of all the areas in the garden it is my favourite. The plants in and around the pond are doing well. Except for the water lilly, there is no sign of it!! I know they sink to the bottom of the pond in the winter; but I thought I would at least see a leaf by now!

The birds are around eating me out of house and garden lol I have already seen the wren, robins, blue/coal tits. Perhaps this year they will nest in my boxes. Don’t know if you guys will remember, but last year when I came home from work, next door had removed all their trees. Valuable habitats had been lost in just a couple of hours!!! As I live in London and space for animals and birds are at a premium it was all very sad. However I was a little excited to see the stag beetles back in my garden. The mouse I had in my log pile was evicted!! The foxes are back in force, I really wish they would go elsewhere. I have rabbits not a good combination.

Now I have my puppy, I have covered my pond. However the mesh looks soooo ugly. Has anyone got any ideas?. I will post pictures sometime this week as I’m on annual leave.
The grass is growing back, but after our wet, freezing cold winter the garden is soggy.

It was lovely to see the sun this weekend though. Please god let it be a sunny week and I can get out and have a tidy up and see what I have in the garden. I know I have some parsnips, carrots and a couple of beetroot’s – I bet there woody lol

Well my friends just wanted to say Hi after such a long absence.

Happy gardening
from Great

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Welcome back Great!
I think the teeth is a Yorkie thing!!
I used to live in London and I well remember the foxes!! And all the birdies. We had neighbours too, who chopped down all their trees and shrubs, I remember the blackbird trying to build her nest in one and she came crying to me, literally, it was heartbreaking!
My Lilys in the pond, well you can just see the leaves deep down in the water.
Good luck with your garden springing back to life!

20 Mar, 2011


Hi Great ...
Nice to see you on GoY again :o)
If you click on N from the alphabet at the base of the page,
and then "Netting" you'll see how others have covered their ponds with mesh...
... might give you some ideas ...

20 Mar, 2011


Hello Great, nice to see you back and if I may be as bold, where is a photo of Mischa? last I heard you were walking her in the snow, I have my pond covered and yes, its ugly, I built a new frame 18mths ago so I could remove it sometimes but that didn`t work out as the heron kept appearing last summer, so I`m altering again when the spring bulbs have finished and I can work around the edges, don`t worry about your waterlily, its early yet
Pleased the birds have returned and hope the weather is good for you so you get to spend time in the garden and mainly enjoy it......

20 Mar, 2011


wondered where you went glad your back,my yorkie pup penny is nine mths now,hope the teeth thing isnt catching,and ive just put my pond in,penny just drinks the water and has only fallen in once but its very small not like yours,i was hopeing to do the edge like yours but its too small,im still getting on with the garden,hope your ok,chris

21 Mar, 2011


Hi. Nice to hear from you again. Sorry your've had a rough time. Life can be a sh.. sometimes can't it. I hope you will be able to do lots in your garden this spring, and that it may help you feel better :o)

21 Mar, 2011


hello pauline nice to see you, glad your ok and look forward to seeing how your garden is growing this season, :o)

21 Mar, 2011


Hi Pauline, lovely to hear from you, I have been so busy sorting out my mums flat that I have forgotten the time lapse on here really! Is it really three months since we spoke????? Where does the time go to. Now it is getting warmer and the sun is peeping through we will all be out doing things and getting the garden ship shape. I have had my border dug out completely, so I am starting over again, it is looking very nice, I have loads of room now, so will need loads of plants too, Lol!!! I hope you find the garden not in too bad a shape and your lovely pond. Take care now and happy gardening.

22 Mar, 2011


Hi everyone. Had to take Mischa to the vets. She has a double row of teeth and there causing her pain!!!! How many teeth does she need? Her baby teeth are not falling out so her adult teeth are growing next to her baby teeth. Weird or what. Vet says it is a yorkie thing!! Ladybug keep an eye on your puppys teeth.

Did a lot of weeding today. Have to get rid of the foxgloves as they can kill Yorkies. Dandelions make her sick oh bliss. There'll be no garden left. But Mischa comes first. She's adorable. Pictures coming soon, honest with pics of her teeth to. Hope you people are not squimish.
Wildlife area had a good tidy up today. Saw a leaf of my lilly under all the blanket weed. The weed is hanging onto the plastic I covered my tin bath with. Dug up some beetroot, parsnips and carrots. Should have got them up ages ago but it didn't happen so I just hope I can eat them lol

24 Mar, 2011


Will the teeth have to be taken out ? Poor little thing :( I hope she's all right now

25 Mar, 2011


The vet says, Hywel, that he will take her teeth out on the 8th April when he spays her. Poor little thing will be very sore in her tummy and her mouth. She has at least 8 teeth that need to come out. She was running through the garden yesterday ears pinned right back showing off her teeth, she looked really scary! Trying to get the pictures off her loaded now. So you can see.

2 Apr, 2011


I hope it's better for her after she has the teeth removed. I suppose she will feel more comfortable. I should imagine it feels horrible to have 2 sets of teeth :(

3 Apr, 2011


Her smile is really weird Hywel. Sorry about the photos guys just realized this computer hasen't got a SD slot

3 Apr, 2011


Mischa had 7 teeth removed yesterday as well as being spayed!! She seems to be recovering well. She's very crafty though. The vet gave her antibiotics and she tries every trick in the book to get out of taking them lol I've mixed them in her breakfast that she woofed down, nothing stops her eating not even a sore mouth; I later found her tablet sitting by her dish ans she had a cheeky look on her face.

9 Apr, 2011


Very cunning isn't she lol. I'm glad she's all right though

10 Apr, 2011


Thanks Hywel, she's doing well

12 Apr, 2011


arhhhh bless little miss..... hope shes better now

26 Jun, 2011


She has her back teeth coming through now Christina. Think I'm in for a lot of vet bills. As Mischa have her toes crossing now!!!!! When will it ever end lol good job we love her to bits

26 Jun, 2011

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