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A Look Around My Garden, early one Sunday morning


By great


Good Morning everyone. Here’s a little look around my garden on this beautiful Sunday morning.

The plants are growing very slowly and now the slugs/snails are on the rampage!!! My courgettes are seriously struggling under attack constantly, despite me being forever in the garden looking for the slimy beasts

The peas and beans haven’t escaped either! My crop looks pretty sorry for itself.

They have devoured all but one of my tomato plants!!

The foxes have been using my garden as a toilet, the smell of their poo is horrendous!!!! (You really wanted to know that didn’t you lol)

I have only seen a few birds in my garden – mostly flying over it!!! Now all the trees have gone in the garden next door they don’t even come to my bird feeders!!

On the plus side the foxgloves are growing like mad, they never let me down. Most of them are pink, – my favourite colour; have a few white ones. They are so pretty.

The lavender is about to bloom, so I am looking forward to its lovely scent.

The pond well – full of blanket weed – still; despite the barley straw!!!

The lilly s look good though and there’s life in the pond – no amphibians yet but I live in hope.

I have been busy planting up my containers. This one I did yesterday. It contains Ivy, Harry Gray fuchsia and some violas. Once it gets growing i’m sure it will look lovely.

Well my friends that’s it for now. I hope all those growing veg out there are having more luck than I am
Happy gardening everyone.

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hi, well its not nice weather here its raining again and cold been like this for two months now, like your little pond what is the tiny round stuff floating on the top looks good, i have the same yellow welly boots in my front garden..

26 Jun, 2011


oh forgot to tell you i put frogspawn in my tiny pond forgot all about it was out there the other day with my son loads and loads of tiny tiny darling little frogs in the water and climbing out, great was so pleased

26 Jun, 2011


hello stranger ........... not seen you in ages !! shame bt the veg hun , but it may recover so dont worry ......
lovely to see you back , take care chris x

26 Jun, 2011


Duck weed Cazcat!!

26 Jun, 2011


Thanks for the tour of your very productive garden, sadly birds only feed if they feel safe and once the trees had gone they have nowhere to perch and weigh up the area before swooping to feed. If you site the feeder near the taller fence they might use the fence instead of the trees?

26 Jun, 2011


Chris I have been here honest! Only seem to get on her at the weekend

26 Jun, 2011


Hi great, dont worry about the bloomin slugs, hopefully some more sunshine and the courgettes will start to grow quickly, maybe you could put some slug pellets down around the veg (bird friendly ones that is) this might give them a boost, I have my toms. in a grow bag and they are looking good, maybe transfer yours to one. We have great success with radish, I grow them in a window box and we are on the second lot now, they germinate in two days!! Have you thought of planting a fruit tree down the garden? That would benefit not only the birds but you! A garden needs time and patience, so relax and enjoy. x

26 Jun, 2011


Grandmag I have several fruit trees. Plum, cherry and 3 apples. some got moved last year and so will only get a small crop this year. This grow your own lark is catching on quick there are no seeds in the shops!!. My garden has so much shade now, things are struggling to grow. But they are growing regards slugs is Eraza organic?? Don't like using chemicals but the slugs are winning!!

26 Jun, 2011


DRC426 great minds think alike! I was looking at the garden around 10 o'clock this morning and thought to myself - maybe if I move the bird feeder over to Magic's bush (near the fence as you mention)maybe the birds would feel safer. So this is my plan. I'll let you know if the birds visit the feeder.

26 Jun, 2011


Hope it works for you - it may take awhile.

26 Jun, 2011


Lots going on in your garden ...
why do you think the foxes are visiting ?
Do they go to all the gardens in your area ?

26 Jun, 2011


Some are living next door TT!!!! They were eating KFC outside my front door the other night. They had raided someone's bin, he/she was lying in the road munching away

26 Jun, 2011


OMG ... that's amazing ...!

26 Jun, 2011


why have i notseen you then ............. have missed all ur posts !!!

26 Jun, 2011


hey great,regards the slugs,i tryed an old housewifes tale not thinking it would work,what is it you ask,tadah eggshells and it works which i find weird as the pellets didnt,your pond looks great,mine looks awful now that the pup has destroyed my garden,chris

27 Jun, 2011


TT. we have a family of five foxes here and they cause havoc every evening, they also do far too many whoopsies around the garden, not nice. I do however like to see the little ones leaping around in and out of the shrubs/plants etc, they come out before its dark, chew shoes, garden kneelers and anything they can grab!

27 Jun, 2011


Hi all the foxes are digging in every container and raised bed I have there eating my veggies and all of my bulbs. I wished there go somewhere else

2 Jul, 2011


Could also be a squirrel, pesky pests that they are, they love tulip bulbs and have eaten mine also they ate some of my lilies shoots so only have a few left, Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

2 Jul, 2011


My little Mischa stupid puppy (10 mths now!) has been eating fox poo and now she has diarrhoea, I would say it serves her right but she looks very poorly. Does anyone know how I can stop the foxes coming in my garden??
erh I have just found a dead rat in the path. Thank God Mischa hasen't been in the garden she might have eaten it!!

9 Jul, 2011


I would ask the vet about the puppy eating fox poo in case she could catch something horrid which might not show for quite a while. I am not plagued with foxes here although they can sometimes be heard at night. Maybe it's the 6' fence all round the back garden that discourages them.

17 Jul, 2011

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