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I have noticed that there is an abundant population of white flying bugs in my garden. The type you see on cabbages maybe mealy bug??. I’ve cleared my cabbage bed, but there still around in droves.

I was doing a bit in the garden yesterday and was watched by a very small little bird who looked like he/she had eye liner on, a little browny red bird very small land streamlined.Very sweet little thing. And then I saw a green finch!.

My daughter’s hand made bird box has been investigated by some Coal tits, they’ve peeped inside a few times but that’s all so I’m hopeful they may take up residence.I wouldn’t mind but she put the box up about 4 years ago. I was gonna put a for sale sign up if there was no interest in it this year. It’s raining here in Deptford, hope it stops soon as I want to get out in my garden, there’s lots to do. April is nearly here

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I wonder if the small bird was a wren. I saw lots of them in my previous garden.
We have had a rainy day here yesterday aswell, so I hope it clears up for the week end.
Welcome to GoY. I hope you enjoy it.

26 Mar, 2010


thank you I am enjoying GOY very much. No the bird was smaller than a Wren and much thinner. It's lovely and sunny here hope it lasts!
Happy gardening.

26 Mar, 2010


Wekcome to GOY! Wrens are the smallest British bird~ maybe a very small robin- if it was red brown?--Look after it whatever it is!

26 Mar, 2010


Yes - it could be a baby robbin. I've seen them aswell. They are thin and small

26 Mar, 2010


I guess it could be a baby robin, but with a black strip under his eye-like eye liner, I don't know... If I can get out of my garden later I'll check the RSPB web site. I might get a nice surprise!

26 Mar, 2010


possible linnet?checked the rspb site and there are not tat many alternatives~

26 Mar, 2010


Hi Arlene. Thanks so much for checking yhe RSPB for me. I havent seen him today. Wonder what heshe eats I have bird food out all the time.

26 Mar, 2010


~robins in my garden eat suet pellets meal worms sunflower hearts whilst linnets are more like finches being seed eaters according to my books~

27 Mar, 2010


Ah thanks I have mixed seeds out already.

27 Mar, 2010

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