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White Campion

Added on 13 May, 2010 | 1 photo

This is growing by the side of my pond. Also have it in pink. Got it from the BBC. Flowers last a very long time.


Sea Thrift Pink also called Spanish grass

Added on 25 Apr, 2010 | 2 photos

Genus: Armeria.
Species: Armeria Marittima.

My daughter bought this plant to cheer me up. Grows in coastal areas. Likes dry, sandy condition. Likes in full ...


Magic's pink bush

Added on 21 Apr, 2010 | 1 photo

Species: Viburnum. bodnantense 'Dawn'..

Has leaves spring through to summer. Pink flowers in autumn throught to winter


London Pride

Added on 21 Apr, 2010 | 1 photo

Genus: Heuchera.
Species: Heuchera.

Grows in semi shade, seems hardy. Has pink flowers.


Varigated bush

Added on 21 Apr, 2010 | 1 photo

Species: Euonymous.

Initially bought as a house plant; got fed up with it and replanted in the garden where it is thriving and I lov...

Bleeding heart

Added on 14 Apr, 2010 | 0 photos

Genus: Dicentra.
Species: Dicentra eximia.

Growing in semi shade, 2nd year of growth. Overwintered in a pot going into a new wildlife/flower area.