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As im standing looking out of the kitchen window and i see the garden almost looking quite inviting.First dry morning in days and reckon i could get some jobs done but alas the wonders of christmas day is here and were going over to the mother inlaws! An experiance i can probably only compare its imenence to how a young ww2 soilder would when told there going over the trence to battle.Maybe thats a slight over statement but at least i would just been digging. Merry christmas everyone!

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Merry Christmas :o)

It's the season of good will ... to all motherinlaws ;o)
Maybe you'll be one yourself one day (or fatherin law ... sorry I don't know if you're male or female)

Do the best you can and enjoy :o)

25 Dec, 2012


Ho Ho Ho...tis the season to be jolly...even with the in-laws...ha ha!
At least u had some sun this morning..all it's done here is rain and most of the night too.just brightening up now!

25 Dec, 2012


Wish the in laws were still alive to share in today. Miss both sets of parents even though there were times when they drove us to distraction. ;o)

25 Dec, 2012


I hold all my family members dearly. Some times its for my partners behalf! So long as she is happy so am i. I whish christmas was in the summer. Then i can occupy the kids out doors!. Best whishes to you all whether your tolerating. Loveing or missing people you care about. Have a great christmas and make the most of the people you care about and spoil them rotten x

25 Dec, 2012


Who's planting what in January and February.I'm an avid vegetable grower so will be starting my leeks indoors next month.That will see the start of all my window space being taken up with seedlings up until April or may.This may prove to be easier said than done as my daughter can reach any were and an inquisitive puppy also capable of equal amounts of destruction is the loose which leaves me with somewhat of a dilemma.
As usual I'll be wary of planting out and getting caught out by a cheeky late frost but may be a bit of a catch twenty two situation? Were do my beloved seedlings stand the best chance of survival?within the reach of the hound and child or with the risk going out a little earlier

28 Dec, 2012


Take a look at my first website. Let me know what you think???

3 Jan, 2013


Hi today is going to be a good day as have a very small amount of work to do this morning and then of to the safari zoo for my little girls birthday.I dont know whos more exited my partner my daughter or me ?

10 Jan, 2013

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