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Mum's makeover


By grindle


I’ve spent the last 2 weeks making drastic changes to mum’s front garden, I started with this

and after a lot of heaving and digging and puffing (would be one of the hottest weeks wouldn’t it :() I now have it looking like this so far

There’s trellis to put up on the house wall for her new climbing roses, an ornamental tree to put in when she decides which one she wants, and lots of planting space to fill, the ones in are just the few she bought yesterday. There’s still some painting to do too, and she did mention that now the trees are out the front of the house needs painting too oh oh, I can see I’m going to be busy for quite some time yet LOL (well when you’re nearly 81 you can get away with it can’t you :))

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Lol Grindle !

That's some transformation there and i'll bet digging those estalished trees out was a heck of a job.
Rather you than me on that one !

It looks much improved now though doesn't it ?

You can buy the plants to fill it out at Malvern probably :)))
Is that what you were thinking ? Bet it was !!!
Spritz and i can help you :))))))))

I like the little blue flowered plant on this side of the border, what is it, it's pretty :)

20 Sep, 2009


You have made a difference it looks like loads of work has been done

20 Sep, 2009


You have done a great job Grindle! It looks really nice and open now, well done you!

20 Sep, 2009


WoW it looks brilliant Grindle, Youv'e done a great job, your mum must be over the moon :))) A Standard bay would look great, its evergreen and she could use it for cooking.. just a thought...

20 Sep, 2009 have been busy. it all looks so fresh..

20 Sep, 2009


What a difference all your hard work has made and now for the fun part the planting.

20 Sep, 2009


Well done, you. What an amazing difference.

20 Sep, 2009


Those are some pretty impressive before & after pics Grindle...well done!! It's all opened up beautifully & will be something special for your mum to look out at. Have a sit down now!

20 Sep, 2009


Wow! Well done Grindle...I'm dead proud of you Girl :)) It looks great, and I'm sure your Mum is really pleased with it. Good luck with the rest of the planting (wish I lived down the road, I'd come and give you a hand, lol) xx

20 Sep, 2009


It looks great n ow :o) You've worked hard.

20 Sep, 2009


true flower power going on there grindle. well done

20 Sep, 2009


thank you all :)
Louise if it's the nearest one, it's a caryopteris with a small agapanthus (can't remember the name) I've added a couple more photos.
Di I would love to have some help, when can you make it :)))
I like the idea of the bay, we did see a standard viburnum tinus which she really liked, but didn't like the price tag of £80 LOL. She has some climbing roses on order for the walls, and 2 hardy fuchsias to come from the back garden when it's time to dig them up, then it's just a case of filling in the spaces.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :))))))))))))))

21 Sep, 2009


I would like to suggest Skimmia, Pieris. Lavender, Fucshia, Potentilla, Paeone, Hydrangea, Hibiscus ,Hebe, all worth consideration for year round interest and low maintainance. plus naturalisng spring and summer bulbs.

21 Sep, 2009


thanks Drc some good ones there, I better tell her to take her credit card next time we go LOL. We have 2 types of small hebe to be planted in the gravel, and I like the idea of the pieris, lavender and potentilla.
She wanted lower growing things, but I think it need a bit of height somewhere, OK Di, any suggestions..........., I need help here LOL

21 Sep, 2009


Lol....suggestions coming right up Grindle:))
If Mum wants "low growing", how about hardy geraniums to fill any gaps....maybe "Johnson's Blue" and "Buxton's blue"....and the low growing campanula carpatica (it's available in blue and white, spreads well and stays evergreen). Love Drc's idea of lavender....looks like it's free draining soil (is it?) could plant Rosemary as well.
As for height....well I'd forget the standard viburnum....they get top heavy, and blow over very easily (I know cos I've got one....drives me mad!) about a Kilmarnock willow (Salix caprea pendula)? Ideal for a small garden as they don't get too tall....lovely catkins in spring, and look gorgeous underplanted with bulbs....

21 Sep, 2009


Thanks Di, yes it's very free draining and south facing, so all the above will be ideal, I will pass on all the suggestions. Would the viburnum be ok if it was planted in the ground, she's sort of made up her mind on that particular one LOL, but I will show her the Kilmarnock willow, I like that one too :)

21 Sep, 2009

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