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my changing garden


By grindle


when we moved in to this house 3 years ago, we were faced with a very empty garden

not much to save there then

we did a lot of digging, shifting earth, moving rubbish

next was the new fence and shed

all the plants I bought with me needed there new home
the old walls and steps were pulled out

and replaced with this (neither of us could lay bricks LOL)
It’s been hard work, but enjoyable, there are parts I’m still not happy with, but I’m working on it, shrubs and trees are starting to mature now, albeit slowly. Now I can alter things at a slower pace.
This is what it was looking like this year

sorry this photo was taken in the rain!!
I’m looking forward to next year to make more changes, I think I need some very quick growing trees to hide my neighbours washing :)))))))

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What a transformation Grindle :-)))))))
Was it just you and OH doing it all - even the heavy stuff ?

I love your pond, love that bronze Acer too, everything looks so established there now.

I also moved into this garden 3 years ago (remember?) and here too, things are looking nice and mature :-)))

20 Nov, 2009


You've done such a lot in 3 yrs. I moved here 3 yrs ago too but there's no OH so it's all down to slow old me. It's still in a mess lol

But you have worked hard and it looks beautiful now. It will get even better as you keep adding to it.

20 Nov, 2009


Just fabulous - you've created such a lovely garden in such a short time.

20 Nov, 2009


Your garden is Gorgeous Grindle i bet u couldnt wait 2 get it how u wanted it ?:)

20 Nov, 2009


Doesn't it look fabulous!! must be so proud of what you have achieved so far, and it looks so mature even after this short time. I love your use of much more complimenary than brick. Well done you :)))))))

20 Nov, 2009


thank you, yes it was just me and OH, he did most of the heavy digging and shifting, although I did my fair share :) the worst part was all the blooming concrete blocks everywhere, I think they had shares in the company LOL

20 Nov, 2009


Beautiful job!


20 Nov, 2009


Wow what a lovely job you have done with your garden.

20 Nov, 2009


Well done you - it looks lovely!

20 Nov, 2009


Well done thats some change

20 Nov, 2009


Well done. You must be pleased with how it's developed after all that hard work

20 Nov, 2009


Amazing transformation Grindle...your garden is looking fab.
Beautiful pond planting.

20 Nov, 2009


thank you folks :) it was a big help that I brought quite a few mature plants with me. As things grow into their alloted spaces I find I'm doing a lot of moving around, but that's the fun of it, and I'm looking forward to more alterations in the coming year.

21 Nov, 2009


What a transformation and how satisfying for you to have acheived such wonderful results. Well done you on your beautiful garden. :o)

Sandra x

22 Nov, 2009


What a fantastic garden you have now Grindle, so many changes in just 3 years worth all that hard work, I love your pond too, well done!

22 Nov, 2009


thank you very much :)

22 Nov, 2009


What a lovely garden Grindle. I see what you mean about next door's washing line. There doesn't appear to be a fence. If there was, this would be a space for climbers or shrubs. You have put in a good looking fence, but perhaps the one the other side is not your responsibility.

22 Nov, 2009


thanks Heather, LOL yes the washing is a bit of an eyesore isn't it. That fence belongs to next door, we did put up some screening to give a bit of privacy,but it does really need another fence that side, I've planted shrubs along the fence line, but they're not growing as quickly as I would like :) This is one of my 'to do' areas, maybe I should put a line of very quick growing conifers there LOL

23 Nov, 2009


It's beautiful- a real credit to you.

24 Jan, 2010


thank you Judz :)

25 Jan, 2010


What vision you had! Definitely worth all that hard work - well done!

24 Mar, 2010


thank you Elke

25 Mar, 2010


You have a lovely garden Grindle :-))

30 Mar, 2010


thank you Annella, There's still a lot of maturing to do :)

31 Mar, 2010


Just seen this blog, what do you mean I'm slow? It's looking absolutely lovely, congratulations Grindle:-)

6 Apr, 2010


:))) bet you're not half as slow as me BA, thanks for the compliment

7 Apr, 2010


There's just so much on here isn't there...and a lot to do in the garden too. I've been digging up some 'special' perennials and I'm running out of pots. This is the the big push to eradicate the dreaded celandine and hopefully the snowberry too, I'm having to resort to poison as my last hope, it's killed so much:-( Still, It should be brilliant come the makeover, I've bought so much new stuff too:-)))

7 Apr, 2010


it's a very busy time, and this year, it seems like it's all coming at once. Most of my borders now need a good makeover, but I don't think I'm going to get it all done, some will have to wait. Guess that's what I enjoy about gardening, keeps you busy :))

8 Apr, 2010


I've hurt my foot now, lol:-)

8 Apr, 2010


ouch!!! it's all those weeks of sitting doing nothing, then instead of taking things easy, we go crazy LOL

9 Apr, 2010


frustrating isn't it:-)

9 Apr, 2010


LOL certainly is

11 Apr, 2010


Just found this one, your garden looks wonderful, such a transformation, didn't you do well?

29 May, 2010


thanks DD, it's changed alot since these photos

30 May, 2010


Just looking at your photos, beautiful!

27 Jun, 2010


thanks :)

28 Jun, 2010've sure worked hard on your garden. Even though you say it's changed since these photos were posted it really shows what can be accomplished. I like the wood too. I was born in Canada and miss all the wood that was used in gardens and in building...nice to see you've been creative with your wood and screening.

Did you ever sort the fencing on the other side? We have the same problem. We went 1/2ers with the neighbour on one side for concrete fencing (neighbour's choice...not mine!) but the other side of our property hasn't been touched yet. It's not pretty! I'm wondering too....a cover-up job with planting or bit the bullet and put in some replacement fencing!

Anyhow....your garden's beautiful (I think I indicated that

4 Sep, 2010


thanks for you nice comments Whistonlass, we still haven't got fencing on the other side, we used heather screening as a stop gap, the plants growing nicely that side now, but we are still hoping to get a fence there eventually

5 Sep, 2010

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