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Leeks and ther dreaded fly


Three point arise after my previous blog
1. the British grown leeks in the shops this winter have been of exhibition quality, so there must be something out there that is being used to combat our most hated insect. Wht is there none available for garden use, whatever it is.
2. I uncovered my leeks in the last week of august (fleece)- but it was too early in the Malvern area- I had an attack of the fly, which showed aboput 2 weeks later
3. I grew 2 varieties, Oarsman and Pandora.The earliest variety (Pandora) was much more adversely affected than the later (Oarsman) variety. They are still in the garden, looking reasonable. Has anyone else noticed varietal differences in susceptibility.
March 2011

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I think things are available to commercial growers that are not to ordinary people. I have never grown leeks. The bought ones are very nice though

6 Mar, 2011


Hywel - I'm pretty sure that commercial growers are bound by the same Pesticides regs as everyone else - and there are surveys done to check compliance.

Thanks grumpygrandad I fancy having a go at growing leeks and will remember the fleece.

6 Mar, 2011


They have to abide by regs but I am sure there are things that are not available to ordinary people.

6 Mar, 2011

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