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Video: Humpy (Chameleon)


Video shows Humpy catching and chewing a fly.

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Well that's a way to get videos to display on here! :-))

Perhaps you could zoom in a little closer for your next production, Guthbruins! LOL! I found it a little difficult to make out Humpy & had to play the video twice.

Perhaps you will inspire others to post links to their videos.

1 Dec, 2010


Yes, it is very difficult to spot what is going on. The best I think is to play the video 3 or more times, so you can find out exactly where to focus your attention.

If you don't see the tongue flash out all the way then you need to look a bit harder.

I need to experiment a bit to get the best out of my videos - I discovered some ways 6 months ago when I last made any, but I've forgotten everything I learnt then and will have to start from scratch again.


I've just made an astounding discovery 20 minutes ago:
a very tiny baby chameleon on the bougainvillea! Who could the mother be? We haven't seen Peaky (the biggest) for about a week now, and anyway I don't think she was big enough to become a mother. (Remember folks, these Cape Chameleons do NOT lay eggs; they are viviparous.)

1 Dec, 2010


Congratulations on your new born! :-))

2 Dec, 2010


Thank you Balcony.

3 Dec, 2010

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