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In the School Grounds


The Wynberg Boys High School, where I attended 60 years ago, used to be 5 minutes walk below where I now live, but has moved to new premises (about 30 years ago) 5 minutes above where I stay. I and sundry friends often go there for a drink – there is a pub (not so public, actually – I should rather say a bar) on the premises ! Or we go for a walk with Tulipa, then stuff her in the car while we have a game of scrabble in the bar.
The other day I saw a fantastic, towering flower emerging from some sort of huge cactus above a cricket field :

This was growing at the top of a bank. I was standing up when I took the picture, with the camera to my eye, but the flower towered over me.
We sat down on a bench looking down the other way to watch some rather informal cricket :

Note the steps leading down the bank, at bottom left.
We often go for an evening stroll around this field, the grass is in excellent condition with nary a weed in sight, somehow this picture does not do the grass justice – knowing how I fought a losing battle against the dandelions which took over my mother’s front lawn, I was not surprised to hear that a staff of 13 looked after this field !
The mountain in the background is Constantiaberg, over 3000 ft.

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gosh that plant looks huge do you know what it is called ?13 staff to look after a field, i bet they dont have that many at manchester united football ground lol :o))

17 Mar, 2010


Joanella - it looks like a yucca

17 Mar, 2010


What a lovely yucca they are spectacular aren't they?

17 Mar, 2010


lol, Joanella, maybe those same 13 look after the other 4 or 5 fields as well, or maybe they have their own crews ! Maybe they look after other plants too, but there aren't too many of those. I'm not sure, and I don't know the name of the plant - maybe someone else could tell us ?

17 Mar, 2010


thank you Andrew ,i dont think i have ever seen a yucca in flower i must walk round with my eyes shut ..:o)
ah well if there are other fields to look after that explains it gurth.:o)

17 Mar, 2010


my daughters school has lovely flowering hardy yuccas in the grounds and they flower regularly.

17 Mar, 2010


i will be on the lookout now when i go anywhere, im searching for yuccas lol :o)))

17 Mar, 2010


Maybe there are some more here in Wynberg, Joanella, I am also interested in these monsters now... I'll keep a look out... there is a big military base up the hill where I often walk... :o)

17 Mar, 2010


cameras at the ready then..:o))

17 Mar, 2010


lovely yucca, i have a small one not sure how old before they flower and mine staying in a pot i think , nice blog Gb :o))

22 Mar, 2010


Thanks, Tulsalady and Sanbaz - Seaburngirl, how about a picture ?

23 Mar, 2010

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