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Hi everyone
Well I just had to go back to the GC in my lunch break and get some of those lovely native primroses I saw yesterday. I’ve popped them in the shady hedge border where I can see them from the kitchen window shining bright and telling me it’s Springtime!
Also bought another Sisyrinchium called Yellow Stone for the rockery-type border up my driveway and two Lychnis coronaria (rose campion) as suggested by Seaburngirl for the sunny dry soil area there. They may grow too big but I’ll cross that bridge then because I think they’ll be so pretty – one pink and the other white.

I bought some borage seeds to sow as I got so much pleasure from the one I planted from the GC last year. My father and brother in law both want one so I thought I’d sow my own this year now I feel a bit more confident.
I am so impatient for my seeds I planted last week to germinate and grow! I know gardening requires patience but that’s not one of my strong points!
Watching the bulbs I planted around the garden emerging and shooting up more and more each day is so exciting and pleasurable. The crocuses are bright and cheerful and the ‘earlycheer’ narcissus from my Scillys trip last Summer are almost flowering. Can’t wait to see them all!
Hope you are all enjoying your gardens as much as me?
Take care
Jo x

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These primroses are lovely...hope to see them planted !

24 Feb, 2009


you naughty girl, but the primroses are fantastic, are you growing the medicinal borage, that can grow 3ft tall! fantastic flowers for the pimms and the leaves cut into a salad as they taste of cucumber. stems have stiff hairs that irritate my eldest girl but no one else.
hope you enjoy the lychnis. i love them.

my seeds are germinating, well some of them are 'nah de nah' lol. i too am impatient. i regularly scape back soil on pots of bulbs to see if growth is happening!

still light when i got in from work and had a quick walk around lifting my spirits. yippee.

24 Feb, 2009


One of the primroses is much whiter than the other two plants and I like the variation now they are planted - I'll take a photo of them in situ BB but the light was fading as I finished out there after school today.
Yes my last year borage grew big and loaded with pretty flowers so hope for same sucess this year. Used some of the flowers in Pimms but didn't know you could eat the leaves - will try them hopefully!
Lucky you with the seeds germinating! Fingers crossed for mine!

24 Feb, 2009


I want to plant some more in my propagator, I'm getting impatient as well.

My Daffodils are well behind last year's flowering. My 'February Gold' are nowhere near open, but I have a few 'Tete a Tete' just opening. At last!

24 Feb, 2009


They should do well under the hedgerow, love the native ones best,as for impatience I drive myself scatty by checking my seedlings every day.....

24 Feb, 2009


I'm going to get Borage seeds tomorrow. I've never tried eating it but I like blue fls. lol
You have a nice box full of plants .

24 Feb, 2009


Lovely primroses Jo Hope the seeds come through soon!

25 Feb, 2009


And the bees love the borage don't they Hywel?

25 Feb, 2009


my primroses haven't any sign of a flower yet after last years fantastic show, i split them last year do you think they'll flower??

25 Feb, 2009


i also put the flowers into rice salad to give a different colour comination. pull of the green sepals and the balck stamens from the middle. older flowers often take on a pink tinge too. pot marigold petals turns rice yellow, cheap skates saffon!

25 Feb, 2009


Lovely primroses Jo. Such an icon of spring. I'm not sure about the borage....I'm a bit cautious about trying weird foods and blue flowers are on my weird food list !! LOL.

26 Feb, 2009


I know what you mean Gilli but the flowers do look great ina jug of Pimms for decoration purposes only! I made a salad last year using marigold petals in it and all of Roger's family were very 'iffy' - I think they thought I was mad! The rice idea is a good one though SBG (your full name is too long!) - will try it cos they'll never know will they?
Don't know much about how dividing plants affects them the following season - perhaps they take a while to recover? I'm sure someone on GOY knows why?!
I'll take a photo this weekend of photos in situ and also of my pink camellia because as I drove out this morning to go to work I caught sight of a first flower blooming!
Jo x

26 Feb, 2009

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