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By gwendas


Hello everyone
Am off work today because had to go Docs – have put some joint out in my upper back (don’t ask me how!) and it has gone into muscle spasm – Ouch! Feelng sorry for myself not least because no physiotherapy available from the good old NHS for 12 weeks so got to pay for a chiropractor including an X-ray and they can’t see me until Monday afternoon. So if this blog is a bit ‘odd’ please blame the heavy dosage of cocodamol!
Can’t drive either so no GC retail therapy to raise the spirits. I’ve pottered around the garden looking at all the new life growing now but can’t do much so I’ve very gingerly managed to sow my ‘Tumbling Tom’ seeds – cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets on my sunny patio I hope this summer.

Also admired my second to bloom Camellia

My lovely ‘father-in-law’ has also promised to come and plant my ‘Wisley Cream’ clematis cirrhosa tomorrow as I can’t dig! It arrived in the week but has been very cold for the last few days – sorry to hear some of you have had more snow! Just had to have one having admired Terratoonie’s and I’ve taken on board Spritz’s Winter Interest blogs and hope I will have it to look at from my kitchen window next December!

Hope alls well with you and your gardens?
Love Jo x

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I love the idea of your hanging baskets of Tumbling Toms!
Are they sweet to eat like the Sweet 100's we have here? We call tem Tommy you are still able move around enough to potter about a bit..sorry ..I sure know how bad a back going out can be...spent 3 months in therapy for mine about 4 years ago..have managed to be careful and not trigger too bad a problem in a while now but sure have come close a few times and had to use a cane for a few days to keep it from getting worse...If I remember to do my exercises it helps but you know how that goes..don't remember them unless it is already hurting....duh..
take care and get well soon...

6 Mar, 2009


Thanks! Never had this before - now I know how it really feels!
My partners Rog suffers like many stonemasons do and I've always tried to be sympathetic but didn't always succeed - I definitely will now!
Still I get to catch up with GOY - will catch up with your photos now
Jo x

6 Mar, 2009


Hello Jo ~
So sorry to hear about your injury.
I hope you feel better soon.
Congratulations on uploading all your photos the right way round, despite the overdose of Cocodamol ! Lol.

It's good to know you'll have some help to plant Clematis cirrhosa "Wisley Cream".
I've made a comment under the photo of my "WC" today, because I checked it this afternoon and there are still new flowers blooming, one week into March ! I recall good old "WC" started flowering back in November, so that's winter interest for sure !

Really warm and sunny here today. Looks like my sunshine weather maps I uploaded have worked some magic ! Lol.

6 Mar, 2009


I know how you feel, i've got spondalosus inmy back & sometimes its in my neck, had it for along time now, but i'm learning to watch what i do, or should i say how i do things as the least thing can set it off, when i kept getting bad back at first, i was always at doctors with it, he use to say to me what you been doing to agravate it, so over a period of time i have had to learn or be in agony all the time, plus having to wear my neck collar.

6 Mar, 2009


Hi TT lucky you with the weather - would love a bit of sunshine! Think tomorrow ok ish here in Cornwall for my planting and need to repot my leggy sweetpea seedlings - I will be careful and maybe onehanded due to numbness in left arm until manipulated on Monday! All good fun!
I hope my WC likes its new home like yours obviously thrives where it is?!
Sorry about your chronic pain Clarice - it's very debilitating isn't it? Take care. Jo x

6 Mar, 2009


Hi Jo, Sorry to hear about your back....I can totally sympathise having had the same kind of thing....if it makes things any better, the chiropractor was awesome....I went through 3 weeks of physio which did nothing and then broke down and paid for the chiropractor. Within a week I was back to being able to move around pain free. Now, if anything happens I skip the doctor and go straight to the chiropractor.
At least you were able to get your toms in. :o)
You are so lucky to be able to have WC...too cold here but I love that clematis. It will be nice when your F-i-L gets it planted for you.
Take care and don't overdo things with your back. Gilli x

6 Mar, 2009


I agree with Gilli, I only got relief from my back pain when I went to a osteopath. So I would say you'll be better off. I have also found that acupuncture helps when in difficulty.
Take care and don't be tempted into doing too much!

6 Mar, 2009


Sorry to hear of your trouble Jo. Make the most of the time you've got off work. ( well do the best you can anyway )

6 Mar, 2009


Keep your chin up Gwendas and do your gardening on here,........

6 Mar, 2009


Poor you - back pain is awful. It's also a nuisance and so frustrating when you want to get outside and have loads of things to do.
You will have to be the overseer and give out the orders to your helpers!

Just take care and DO NOT hurry back to school too soon! I hope the Chiro helps you.

Love and gentle hugs ... XXX

6 Mar, 2009


Thanks all! xx Am 'gardening' on GOY as advised sitting here very still on my lap-top. And sshhh don't tell Rog I have also just bought on-line a wicker planter for my salad leaves on the patio this summer. Well, I couldn't get to the GC could I?!!
Jo x

6 Mar, 2009


sorry to hear you are out of action. but cocodamol are great:o)

hope you get fit soon and be more careful, which is difficult if you dont know what you did in the first place.

6 Mar, 2009


Sorry to hear you are in such pain Gwendas . like Clarice and it seems a lot of other GOY members I have suffered burst Disc and back and neck pain for more years than I care to think about , I cant blame gardening because mine started before I caught that bug ...
I hope your treatment helps and that you will be feeling better soon ..
Take care xx

6 Mar, 2009


Hope you feel better soon take things easy ..............

6 Mar, 2009


Sorry to hear of your trouble Gwendas. You know what causes it don't you? We, as a human race, should never have stood up on two legs - we should have stayed on all fours then we'd never have "backs!"

7 Mar, 2009


Is that why I am so often to be found in the garden on my hands and knees, Nariz? LOL.

I am a prehistoric throw-back!!! ....More LOL.....

Round of applause, please!

7 Mar, 2009


Hope you feel better soon you can get back to your gardening.....

7 Mar, 2009


I found one of those knee things with the handles that you can flip over and have it turn into a is great..for working on my knees and then pushing up to stand..then if I want to sit and weed..I can flip it over and weed or just sit and rest...very nice item, I get so much more done with it's help..

7 Mar, 2009


Thanks all! I've tried to be good today and take things carefully - see todays blog! Don't tell me off!

7 Mar, 2009


LOL....LOL....Spritz...a prehistoric throw back!! Yay!! Clapping like mad for you!! Hee hee hee

8 Mar, 2009


HI all!
The chiropractor is my new heroine! Got to go for several visits but wow! feel so much better. Sore but that tearing pain has gone. No driving for a while and no digging! I think seed sowing and potting up will be ok dont't you!?
Thanks for all of your support and funny comments which I can now laugh at!
Love Jo x

10 Mar, 2009


Now bending..only squatting, lift with your legs for the power and remember to put one foot up on a step of some sort while standing in one place for very long..and never forget to bend one knee up when bending if you have too..these are the rules for my back which has a problem because of the way my back curves in waist high ..pinches a nerve if I bend have to constantly unpinch it with these rules..sure makes a difference..and I can carry on walking etc. with out it going into spasm...

10 Mar, 2009


Hey Jo, we all said you would benefit, glad we were right! Take it carefully now.

10 Mar, 2009


Great advice Cat - thanks to you all! Will take note and be careful, I think we all need to be mindful of our backs don't we if we want to get the most out of this great hobby?
Feeling much better although bruised as went again to chiro yesterday after school. Twice next week then some exercises and maintenance visits to her monthly. Expensive but worth it - I couldn't manage as it was!
Now more importantly! my seeds are growing! I'm so excited! Have pinched the tops out of the sweetpeas - that's right isn't it?
Garden is looking lovely with yellow narcissus everywhere, so bright and cheerful.
I have just completed my first year of gardening everyone!
It's not quite the foreign language it was but still so much to learn!
Love Jo x

12 Mar, 2009


Hiya Jo,glad to here you are feeling better,money well spent. Congrats on your gardening year sounds as though you are well and truly hooked.......

12 Mar, 2009

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