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The giant sprouts


By hank


Not quite sure exactly what a blog is, but the very last word on the sprouts is – they’re going on the compost heap !
They now have flower heads all the way up (4ft9ins), the top flowers are turning yellow and all,my other plants are in deepmshade.
No more sprouts for me !

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you have just written a blog!!
have you ever read george's marvellous medicine? its written by raold dahl in which george invents a medicine that makes everything grow huge!!

16 Apr, 2011


I think the compost heap is the best place for sprouts. I can't stand them.
I'm glad your other plants will have some light now.

17 Apr, 2011


Me too,Hywel..Lol. Your other plants will have a fighting chance now...and probably they didn't like them either :o)

17 Apr, 2011


Hank, 9 years too late all you did wrong was not picking them at Christmas. They had just gone past it. I can't understand why so many people don't like sprouts. why don't you have another go?

13 Nov, 2020


I didn't like sprouts 9 years ago,Sue,and I'm still not a lover of them .Lol.x

14 Nov, 2020


Taste is hereditory so your dislike of them is down to your genetic makeup.

I remember when I was in school the biology teacher did an experiment on us with a liquid called Phenol phthalene (or something similar)
To some people it has no taste and for others it tastes bad.
I could not taste it at all but some other pupils had to run out of the room because they thought they were going to be sick.

15 Nov, 2020


Crumbs, that's interesting Hywel!

15 Nov, 2020

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