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Peeling garlic


By hank


Presumably all you GOYers know the quick way to peel garlic that I’ve only just found after all these years ? It’s so simple and quick, 10 seconds or so for several cloves. If anyone hasn’t heard of it I’ll explain but I’d be embarrassed if I did here and you guys all chorussed " WE’VE KNOWN THAT FOR YEARS ".

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I have two methods - one I use now, one I used years ago. My 'old' method is to use the finger of an old rubber glove - place the clove inside, roll it with a little pressure and off comes the peel. The method I use now is the 'chef' method - place the clove on a flat surface, place the blade of a knife flat on the clove and give it a good whack!

24 Jan, 2013


Hank doesnt say what it is !

24 Jan, 2013


We whack in my house as well, is that wrong? please put the info up Hank, its always interesting to hear of other peoples methods of doing things....More often than not the blog will spiral and we end up with tips on lots of other things as well....

24 Jan, 2013


I just top and tail the clove cutting just a little off the top and bottom of the clove and off peels the skin :-)

24 Jan, 2013


If you cut the root off the whole root then roast it with other veg the insides just come out and its really nice, mild and creamy

24 Jan, 2013


O.k. Prepare to be amazed - I was. Put as many cloves as you need in - for example - a cocoa tin or similar. Put the top on and shake up and down as hard as you can for 10 seconds.
Take off the top and tip out. Voila - job done. It works too with the pesky little ones that are often thrown away, but doesn't work well on stale or old garlic cloves.
My tin is about 6ins tall and 2 1/2 to 3 ins dia.

24 Jan, 2013


Oh marvellous ! I have a tin the right size, put sweets in it.
Many salaams Hank.
(I am now using Vinegar instead of Fabric Softener in my washing machine, and just a small amount of washing powder in the first tray. Leave second tray empty. Washing much silkier as a result. This is a hard water area.
Someone put this in on a website to soften towels caked up with washing powder, I cant remember where but salaams to her too. )

25 Jan, 2013


I might try both of those ideas..the garlic tin and the vinegar!
I find peeling garlic very sticky and stinky!

25 Jan, 2013


Rubber glove worked for me.....and quicker then the tin (I still can't find!)

26 Jan, 2013


A dash of vinegar in the final rinse (for brunettes) was my hair conditioner for years Diane, smooth and tangle free hair, vinegar and olive oil is still the best suntan lotion and a lot cheaper, lol.....

27 Jan, 2013


I put salt on them and squeez a wide bladed knife onit and job done :0)

28 Jan, 2013


always used the wack method, but keep your fingers out of the way

20 Nov, 2015


It's very useful knowing all these tips, keep them coming :o))
Lincslass. The final rinse for Blonde hair was Lemon Juice, my Mum used it on my hair, Ha! I'm 68 & my hair is still fair but more white in it now :o)) plus my Mum is still with us at 95yrs :o))

23 Jul, 2017

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