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cold weather


Hi I am sorry to report that so far we have no baby duckling,the eggs in the tree were there so long , with very patient parents , that my husband had a peep when they were feeding ! Two baby ducklings had hatched but were dead one was partially out of the egg but dead and the rest were stone cold !

We can only put it down to the exceptional cold weather , we still have two pairs waiting for their eggs to hatch but not holding out much hope ! has anyone else had problems this year?

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Last year the mallards I think lost the first lot and late summer nested in a trough of hardy geranium near the house, it was just as I was going to trim the geraniums for the second flush of flowers. They know us and are not shy, she sat on the nest whatever we did, even mowing next to it, eventually.... and gosh it seemed a long
time...... the ducklings hatched and one at a time jumped to the floor 11 in all, she then walked away with them following.

Only today the pair came and had a look at the will she decide to nest again? And will the geraniums survive......

25 May, 2013


I never heard of Ducks nesting in a tree before.

25 May, 2013


That's so sad for the poor mallards. Lets hope they manage to raise a second brood.

25 May, 2013


The Ducks in our garden are Chineses Mandarins they come every year , we have 5 pairs. They are tree ducks and we have made them 5 big nest boxes around the garden , the boxes are about 12/15ft and the baby ducks usually hatch and all jump down together . We are still waiting for 2 pairs to have their ducklings ,I will keep you updated .

26 May, 2013

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