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A very sad thing


My hubby and I were so heart sick today at having to cut down and remove our once lovely Golden Chain Tree. It was 18 ft. high and a mature tree that was located in “My Moms Garden”. It never had leaves nor flowers this year so when we got to looking,some kind of bug had gotten in and it was already dead. Now we have to also take down the weeping cherry just out side of her garden. That even upsets me more as it was my Moms tree and she died 4 years ago. This came on all of a sudden and has not affected any thing else around them. Just terrible :(

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That's a double blow for you. However, our loved ones live on in our hearts and that does not change. Perhaps planting a new shrub/tree in your own garden will bring you comfort.

23 Jul, 2011


What an awful shame for you - still people you love, although not with you physically, are always with you in spirit and in happy memories.

24 Jul, 2011


That is sad you had to cut down the gold chain tree and the weeping cherry ...

I hope you can plant something new in memory of your Mom... maybe an evergreen shrub which will have interest at all times of year...

Thinking of you . xxx

24 Jul, 2011


I planted a pot with different plants holding different memories for both myself and my children.

Perhaps you read my blogs on "Little Pot".

24 Jul, 2011


We already have decided to plant a Decorative Chestnut.I love the beautiful flowers and we will get another cherry.I know my mom is in my heart.I "talk" to her daily.And I send pictures of her garden to her sister who looks just like my mom. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and advise.That is why I love this group so much.

24 Jul, 2011


Sounds like a great choice with the chestnut and the cherry...If I may, could I suggest that you do some research into what exactly killed the trees. My thought is that if what killed your cherry, in particular, is resident in the soil...or you have an alternate host for fungus, insect, virus... planted nearby...the situation could repeat itself with the new tree and you'd be in for some more heartache. It could be canker, or blight or the result of a virus carried by the scion or many things could be at play. better to be safe than sorry? maybe?

27 Jul, 2011

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