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my collection of Heucheras


I love all the variety of these plants and have started collecting them . there are so many varieties with delicious names that i think it would take forever to collect them all [and a well stocked wallet !! ]
So far I have found that a lot of Garden Centres don’t stock very many [apart from Palace Purple which seems to be the most common ]
so if I see them anywhere I quickly pick them up, unless they are overpriced which I have noticed in a few places!!.
I have one that I don’t know the name of as I lost the label after buying a few at Gardening Scotland so any suggestions would be welcome

help please,I included all the photos exactly the same way but for some reason only the first one is showing!!! ??? It took me forever to upload the photos as well :o(((












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Lovely show of Heucheras, I looked at marmalade and berry smoothie & sweet tea. Could have bought them all. But at £4.00 a plant and not certain if they will survive in my garden, I am waiting until next spring before I buy any more.

Try going back to edit, move a spot or two and then save & review and then publish again. This sometimes works.

22 Jul, 2011


just tried again Grannyb but no success alas

22 Jul, 2011


re did blog adding photos from my photo page !!!!!!!

22 Jul, 2011


i GIVE UP !!!!!!!! I have spent 2 hours trying to get the photos on this blog !!!!!!!!!!!!! if anyone wants to see them they are on my photo page to which they uploaded with no problems at all ?????????

22 Jul, 2011


I cant see them either Helen, never mind will pop to your photos, Lol how frustrating for you, it would have been a great blog otherwise!

22 Jul, 2011


Sorry it didn't work, but the photos on your page are really good. Thanks.

22 Jul, 2011


Hi Helen... try going to edit your blog...

then put ! before each pic ... such as!

to make it read


Just try this with one pic and see if it works..
I hope this helps. xxx

22 Jul, 2011


thanks TT you have given me my sanity back LOL
will I always have to do this with blog photos as I have never had trouble before ??

22 Jul, 2011


Hi again Helen..
It may be that when you wrote your headings e.g. PALACE PURPLE ... that the ! somehow disappeared...

As a general rule, just make sure you have a ! at each end of the complete photo reference..

... this way of using the ! is just something I've worked out myself by trial and error ..Lol.

Glad it has given you back your sanity... Lol. ;o) xxx

... wish I could solve my own hassles as easily !!!

22 Jul, 2011


I wish you could TT. You must be at your wits end, I hope and pray things get resolved soon.
Thanks again for your help

22 Jul, 2011


Thanks Helen...
I'm getting heaps of support from lovely GoY members, both on my blogs and privately... :o)

Lovely collection of heuchera plants...
now that we can see the photos..Lol.

22 Jul, 2011


after checking on vicky,s web-site Plantagogo i found the name -it is fire chief- thank goodness as this has been annoying me since June lol

22 Jul, 2011


Lol. Helen.. all your problems solved in one day ;o)

22 Jul, 2011


lol TT maybe I should do the lottery tonight :o)

22 Jul, 2011


Good luck.... you're a winner today ..
and you'll then be able to buy lots more Heucheras ... ;o)

22 Jul, 2011


Hi Helen I have 10 but not a purple palace lol. No 2 looks like my 'Fire chief'? and could no 4 be Berry smooth? it looks like mine also.

22 Jul, 2011


well I got all the photo's and titles Helen!! thankyou for your perseverance...
Mine are all in pots too then the'll go in the GH for the winter got a gorgeous deep purple with a shocking pink splash that is my current favorite....

22 Jul, 2011


Now I can see them Helen, what a lovely display, I have the plum pudding one and have split it into six new ones this year and all have taken. Yours are beauties especially after the rain we have had !

22 Jul, 2011


could be drc726 . no2 is definitely "fire chief" as I have found out today

22 Jul, 2011



22 Jul, 2011


You have displayed your heuchera in a most interesting way Helen....I am a fan of the heuchera as well but don't have as big a collection as you.

I thought they were hardy and could be left out for winter but perhaps in your neck of the woods it would be too cold. This is my first year of having a garden and plants to worry about overwintering so hope my heuchera will survive in the ground. I don't have a heated greenhouse to overwinter them so they'll have to get on with

Happy gardening, Helen.

24 Jul, 2011


I will leave them out as well Whistonlass as they are hardy and keep my fingers crossed that they survive . The 2 that I had from last year came through last years snow and low temperatures.

24 Jul, 2011


I found some lovely heucheura at a garden centre near Derby, and came away with "peppermint" which has lovely variegated leaves. I have it in the ground but in the last week I've noticed the leaves are being eaten by something :(

14 Nov, 2017

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