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Sunday 21 September 2014


Have finally tackled the weeding in the area of the garden where last year’s bulbs, which were in containers, are to be planted.

Have been putting it off for ages but as it is now September and it was such a lovely morning,felt it was time to go out there and make a start.

The weeding took less time than I thought as I had tried to keep this area clear and had been adding compost over the summer.

Once cleared, I then planted my daffodils,tulips and crocuses, which had been in containers last year. Although they had all flowered they hadn’t lasted as long as the first year I had them; advice received from ‘Grows on you’ recommended I now plant these bulbs in the garden.

They have all now been planted, watered and fed. Feeling quite pleased that this job has been completed.

Little worried as to whether I have planted everything at the right depth and whether the bulbs will again flower !!…..but also looking forward to having some colour in the garden in the early spring,particularly from the tulips. I hope!


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Worrying won't help! The time to fed bulbs is just after flowering so they can build up their strength for the following year. Fertilizer added now will not affect next year's flowers which will already be formed in embryo in the bulbs, but it won't do any harm of course. If you want flowers from tulips its safest to buy some new ones - sometimes they settle and grow well and sometimes they just don't. Stick another packet in just to be on the safe side.
Have you tried de Caen anemones - they flower very brightly for ages in late spring early summer.

21 Sep, 2014


I always plant tulips later than other bulbs because they can be killed off by frost. Both they and the de Caen anemones seem to do better in my raised beds than in garden level borders. I suppose it is because they are in well drained growing medium. It depends what your soil is like. I prefer the species tulips to the new hybrids because they do seem to last for more years and they do spread slowly.

21 Sep, 2014


Tulips are fickle and don't always come up no matter what you do and they are not always as nice as the first year. Now is the time buy some new bulbs and plant them to assure spring color. You can try some new colors and patterns.

22 Sep, 2014


Its true tulips are funny beggars, I have some in the garden that have been there for years and yet all the newer ones I've had to replace as they didn't show last year, matter of fact I've placed an order today and when they come I'm going to plant them in pots and then bury the pots in the garden.....Lets hope we both have a good show next spring Helen...

22 Sep, 2014


Thank you all for reading my first blog and for all your comments.

Does sound like I will need to buy some new bulbs for containers ,in addition to those I now have in the garden.

I'll get some more tulips and will try some de Caen anemones too.

Thanks again:)

22 Sep, 2014


Tomorrow, I'm going buy bags and bags of new tulip bulbs and plant them - hopefully some will bloom in Spring. As soon as I'm all done planting them, the squirrels that were spying me from the trees will dig them up and snack on them. I hope they leave me some. :)

Plant some daffodils too. The squirrels leave those alone. :)

22 Sep, 2014


Right , some fresh daffodils too - hope the squirrels are kind to you and leave you some tulips! Thanks.

25 Sep, 2014

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