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I thought I had fenced off my kitchen garden completely last year….oh no, I very stupidly had used wire netting with far too big holes!
Last week, the sweetest little baby rabbit was seen nibbling away at my salad leaves,as happy as a – well, as happy as a rabbit in a kitchen garden.
I went out and bought some 13mm wire and spent yesterday attaching the netting to the fence where it was getting in.
“Ha!” I thought, “that will stop the little b****r eating my produce!”
I then went to do a bit of deadheading in the border next to the kitchen garden and as I was about to snap the head off a penstemon, something little, brown and furry shot underneath the fence into the kitchen garden!! Note to self : must go and buy more 13mm wire netting.
I love animals and am vegetarian but rabbits are the bane of my life! Does anyone have the definitive answer? My garden is too big to fence completely and we are surrounded by fields. And please don’t tell me to buy rabbit proof plants – there are none!
Oh well, I suppose I should be grateful for small mercies – at least we don’t have deer!

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There are a lot of rabbits here this you have more than usual? Being a 'pot' gardener they don't affect me but I see them everywhere!

21 Jul, 2009


We get the occasional rabbit here, and to my disgust, one dug a huge hole recently and UP came one of my Clematis!

I filled the hole back in, and sprayed animal deterrent all over the area. He hasn't been back...yet!

I feel for you.

21 Jul, 2009


There IS a 'cure'! We also had rabbit 'issues'.....and then we got our little kitten.......'Pip' is a hunter, a killer ( sorry ) ...and within a month our garden was free from rabbits. Some, alas, were dead and eaten ( not by us, I hasten to add ) but the parents, we think, just upped sticks and moved away. Nature, red in tooth and claw. I hate seeing baby bunnies being killed,but...

21 Jul, 2009


We have 3 cats! But all are old, lame or lazy and couldn't catch a thing!!

21 Jul, 2009


had the same problem,used wire netting and it hasn't cannot burrow under netting as ther are 9" blocks under the fence panels to stop weeds from spare plot next door from getting into our you may need to bury netting below ground.
noseypotter recommends getting a jack russell , which would catch the little pests, but i don't want to be tied to looking after a dog.thought about a gun, an airrifle would do the job but a last resort i think.hope this helps....................steve

22 Jul, 2009

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