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Just a Warning


By hijuju


When doing plant sales and its a full blown sunny day and you are blonde with fair skin, WEAR A HAT of some sort.
NOT like me today who forgot to do this because when i got up at 6:45am it was a foggy day.
I ended up with a gippy tummy and was sick .Next time i will learn in remembering to take a hat with me to wear.I was even of my food tonight.So hubby took kids out to Mcd’s while i rested at home.
I have learnt my lesson.I will admit i did feel rough.But i have been drinking plenty

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Hope you recover soon, we do underestimate how hot the sun can be.

22 May, 2010


So sorry to hear that hijuju,I often get heat stroke,I can't be out and about much.Not a good feeling at all. I hope you are a little better tonight.
We don't seem to get a gradual rise in temperature any more over a few weeks.It just hits us suddenly,no wonder we get queezy !

22 May, 2010


I'm a very fair skinned brunette so I know what you mean.
hope you recover quickly.

22 May, 2010


I hope you enjoyed the plant sale though, and that you're over the horrible feelings now.

23 May, 2010


People often do not think about the fact that the scalp has the thinnest skin layer than anywhere else on the body. Consequently, it loses more heat than anywhere else, and allows heat to enter moreso than anywhere else. Fundamentally, frying your brain in intense sunshine, causes cellular death, and increased toxins throughout the body, due to dehydration, neither of which your body will recover from. Short term, you will never notice the affect, but done throughout your life, will only result in eventual disease.
Your timely warning is excellent, but will often go unheaded by those who put pleasure above some distant, future ailment.
Let us also remember the tanning effect of sunshine. Put simply, a tan, any amount of tan, no matter how small, is a radiation burn. It also causes cellular death. Whilst we all know that sunshine is a vital ingrediant to good bodily health - it assists the body in manufacturing Vitamin D for example - overindulgence will have a permanent debilitating effect long before you will ever realise.
Let us also remember than tanning is created by ultra violet radiation. So even if you are sitting in the shade, you are still being radiated, even though you may think that your skin is not tanning.
With all the above, the older you are the worse the effect.

My advice to all gardeners on this site is simple:
1 - If you must be outside on a sunny day, drink plenty of water before you venture out; drink plenty of water while you are out, and drink plenty of water once you have returned inside, and
2 - Any amount of skin tan is bad for you, and
3 - There isn't a single sunscreen product on this planet that will protect your body from cellular death. If you venture out, wear full body, loose, light clothes, and a hat that can protect your throat and neck. Better to protect your body this way, than via a sunscreen product that will not, but will also allow chemical products to seep through your skin layers into your body.

Thankyou hijuju for bringing this most important issue to all our attentions.

(Jason - Derek's friend)

23 May, 2010


A lot of folks abroad often think their unwell symptoms are from the food or water when a lot of the time it'ss sunstroke !
It's horrid, poor you Hijuju :-/

23 May, 2010


thank you for all your kind comments.
still feeling a bit queesy this morning but will be drinking plenty today and staying indoors as its going to be another scorcher today

23 May, 2010


mind you did well selling my plants tho.
chill plants , tomato plants and cucumber plants went well , but still got quite afew tomato plants left

23 May, 2010


I hope you feel better as the day progresses...
..don't forget your sunhat :o)

23 May, 2010


going to be hot today again,better stay inside,glad you sold your plants.

23 May, 2010



23 May, 2010


Oh dear ,hope you`re feeling better today.......

24 May, 2010


thanks for all your concerns it took me nearly 3 days to feel right again.
That'll teach me.

27 May, 2010

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