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By hijuju


Did you watch Gardeners World last week?
The size of Monty’s garden wow, its a wonder he has any time to do anything , its so big.
And as for his greenhouse, i said to my husband any chance of having a greenhouse that big.The answer was a big fat NO.
Where would you put it in the garden?he says.Well i wouldnt be able to because it would drown my garden out and i would definately have no where to put it. i would have to knock my back fence down for one and i dont think my local council wouldnt like it neither.
But at the moment i happy with my 10’by 8’ greenhouse , which at the moment i have got to pot on all of my seedlings which are at the moment 1/2" to 3/4" inches high.
Then in may i will be seeling the veggie plants and flower plants onto the public, outside my local shops, so if you live in mid essex please come along and buy from our local plant sale.If you want to know more please email me

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i did see gardeners world and was disappointed ~ apart from the visit to anglesey abbey [been there before and it was a nice reminder]
i didnt feel there was anything to inspire me to go out and 'garden'
i was given monty don's gardening diary book but even having read that i didnt realise how big the garden was. i hope they will at least visit some normal sized gardens to give me some ideas.

15 Mar, 2011


I did enjoy watching the prog., never visited the abbey so its gone on my list for a daytrip, also like to see other peoples gardens, one gains a lot of ideas that way, have to admit I`m very keen on seeing Monty`s garden through all the seasons...
Sticki with a bit of adaption and determination one can scale down a very large garden and still incorporate similar into what you consider a normal sized one.....

15 Mar, 2011


yes thats true but id still like to see some smaller ones.

15 Mar, 2011


Oh yes, I`m hoping we get a selection on styles and sizes, thats what makes this site so good, it fascinates me to see what people manage to incorporate into their gardens no matter what the size is and also where they live......

15 Mar, 2011


I really like him - his voice is like Treacle and its good to see him gardening again after the stroke. I would love a greenhouse. Perhaps one day.

15 Mar, 2011


It's like the story of the late Prince Rainier of Monaco who visited America many years ago. He was taken to see the Houston Astrodome and asked if he would like one for Monaco. "Yes", he replied, "Then we'd be the only indoor country in the world!"

15 Mar, 2011

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