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Worm Casts on front Lawn


By hijuju


Ive got loads of worm casts on the front lawn. Apart from raking them over with a lawn rake , to fine tune them out , and scattering bird food on top of them for the birds to try and eat the worms, i dont know what else to do.
We asked in wyevale yeaterday to see if they have got anything for it and they didnt even know what we were on about.Typicle.
Can anyone hwlp me out with ideas in what to do

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Oh i sympathise ..... my garden's full of them too :-((((
They're everywhere :-((((
I don't know of anything that can be done though :-/

10 Dec, 2009


They are so good for the soil Hijuju....You are actually lucky to have so many worms. Can you rake the castings up and put them onto your flower beds? People pay good money for worm castings too....You could always sell them. LOL

10 Dec, 2009


Do they ???
Hmmm, i'm seeing them in a new light !

10 Dec, 2009


Absolutely Louise. You can buy bags of worm castings at the GC's here. I guess it's like worm manure.

10 Dec, 2009


Well ! I never knew that !

10 Dec, 2009


Neither did I louise, but worms are good for the soil and hard working

10 Dec, 2009


Well they're certainly working very hard here ;-)
My front and back gardens are loaded.

10 Dec, 2009

check this out hijuju, it may help ;o))

10 Dec, 2009


We use worms in the compost heap. Little red wiggly ones. They work through the waste and help to make more soil and aerate it. Probably in this wet weather they have to come up for air! Though, it is a thought, that to make a cast they have to be the other way up! Somehow they drag leaves into the soil. Couldn't do without them.

10 Dec, 2009

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