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RSPB Bird Count


By hijuju


On 30th and 31st January 2010 is the bird count in your gardens .For those who dont know about this , you spend an hour over the weekend and count the different birds in your garden.You can download the forms from the RSPB website and it will explain everything.This will help the RSPB into which birds are in decline and which isnt.
This is quite a popular event and you can do it in the warmth of your own home by just looking out of your window.

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I do this every year hijuju. but I can garantee that will be the two days when there are no birds around, it happens nearly every year. hey ho i'l still have a go.

14 Jan, 2010


Having watched 'Snow Watch' last night there may be far less to count this year. I knew a lot of birds didn't make it through the winter but never realised just what a high percentage of some birds died in hard winters - up to 90per cent in one case. If you missed it it's worth watching on iplayer.

14 Jan, 2010


I shall too,...But I agree with Tulsa......the whole of the event last year was a downpour here, so hopefully fingers crossed.....

14 Jan, 2010


I'll be doing it - but as Wagger says, it may be very different results this year, sadly.

14 Jan, 2010


We did it last year too - if I remember it was windy as well as wet and not many birds were around. Such a shame that so may lose their lives in a hard winter.

14 Jan, 2010


Sad that so many birds die in this cold weather.

Doing the bird count in a well-populated area, quite a number householders who don't usually feed birds put out loads of expensive bird food just for those few days, so that they get lots of birds feeding.

It is the weekend when I will have the least birds in my garden.. They will be eating luxurious food thrown all over the place in other gardens... Good that they have this extra food, but the supply is only for a few short days....

Okay, if we all do the count, the end results in overall numbers of birds should be the same..... but my count will probably be nil... Lol.

14 Jan, 2010


I will do it. I have a bird phobia but I think I would like to help.

14 Jan, 2010


im already registered ready after reading another blog on this thanx hijuju

14 Jan, 2010


I did quite well last year I got a parrot he belonged to a house at the back of mine and had escaped and since then he flew free but still went back for food .Do you need to register?Iknow I gave my results on line.

14 Jan, 2010


well it seemed so mavis, was easy though, then i printed a bird sheet off the mark off what you see in an hour then i think you put your results in online

14 Jan, 2010


Thanks waiting for my form coming they send me one every year.

15 Jan, 2010

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