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Tomato Seeds


By hijuju


I could swear and scream.
Now ive always planted my tomato seeds between 1st february – 28 February, and let them germinate in my heated greenhouse.
But what has made me angry this year is that none of the seeds have grown..

Now im wondering whether to go and buy some new packets of tomato seeds.
I wouldnt mind so much but i only bought the seeds in January 2010.

Does anyone have any ideas in what i can do?

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Give them a bit longer ?!!!!!!!! ~ keep your fingers crossed ~ Sorry I'm not much help I know how you feel though :0(

13 Mar, 2010


ive only just joined and im just having a read of the members.this blog lark is all new to me but im having ago.
i have never grown my toms seeds in the greenhouse ive always done it on the windowsill,they only take aweek and always come a bit to tight to put the heating on in the greenhouse.sueb is right give them abit longer not alot of help either

13 Mar, 2010


Plantmaiden...Welcome to GoY

Hijuju... Good luck with the tomatoes :o)

13 Mar, 2010


I always start my tomato seeds off in the airing cupboard - they're usually through in about four or five days - and then bring them out on to a bright windowsill

13 Mar, 2010


Like Sueb says I'd leave them a bit longer after all it's been a very cold month. As a mater of interest, what variety are they?

13 Mar, 2010


I usually keep them longer in the greenhouse maybe give them some time see what happens good luck

13 Mar, 2010


Everything is late this year so would just give them longer..good luck.

13 Mar, 2010


hi hijuju ,i planted mine beg march i tried about 6 types, i have 2 left they all died on me so have planted up some more ,so going by all on here we are later,i know what i have found though, i have bought seeds from garden centres and catalouges and also from £1 shops and the ones coming out on top at the moment are the £1 shop ones the cucumber,leeks,cabbage and flower bulbs are flourishing ... touch wood... up to now...good luck with your next batch..

13 Mar, 2010


@Heron , The varieties ive got on Tomatoes are Moneymaker, Ailsa Craig, F1 Incas, Matina, Sweet Olive F1hybrid, Tumbling Tom Red, Minibel and Cherry.

NormallyI dont have no trouble with my seeds, nearly evrything else has come up apart from the Tomato seeds.I did get some more tomato seeds yesterday so . i'll just see how i go.
Thanks for all your comments

14 Mar, 2010


you know I have planted Tomatoes for about 25 years also and this year was a very poor year only a few came up I do not know what was wrong funny you had some problem. I too will put some more in the pots inside. GOOD LUCK.

14 Mar, 2010


It pays to complain.
I rang the company up this morning.Well 3 times actually.2 members of staff were rude as h***.Plus they started to talk over me when i was trying to explain.,about the seeds.
So 3rd time lucky a very nice man answered, i explained to him the problems i had experienced with the Tomato seeds and guess what , im waiting on a return phone call from a qualified horticulturist in why their seeds turned out like they have, plus they said they will reimburse me for my trouble.
Mind you i did tell them that i would tell all my friends that they are selling dodgy seeds!!!!
They said no not a very good idea, well at least i tried.

15 Mar, 2010

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