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Tomato Seeds


By hijuju


Ive still had NO luck with the Tomato seeds that i planted at the beginning of February.
Ive also made about 8 phone calls to Thompson and Morgan that ive had problems with them .The staff said its the fault of the Garden Centre that i bought it from and yet the seeds had T&M’S name on them!!!!!
So i have now complained to their Managing Director.
I was told on monday last week that would get back in touch and they havent even bothered.
So watch this space to see what excuse they will come out with.
Ive bought more Tomato seeds from another shop ., B and Q and they have come up.Says it all really doesnt it.AND these ones are NOT thompson and morgans.

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Poor you. I seem to get "free" tomatoes plants growing all around my garden. My daughter occassionally give tomatoes to her rabbit and i compost some of its litter I'm wondering if the tomatoes grow from that! Now that's what I call recyled

23 Mar, 2010


I once watched a programme on TV where Tomatoes were growing all over the a sewerage plant. The guy ate one, eeer.

23 Mar, 2010


I got on quite well with smeone called Abby email, its their customer service bit or tech@
they trot out the party line but at least she replied!
I havn't planted my seeds yet but may do tomorrow now i've set up the propagator-- Its having it warm enough when they come out

23 Mar, 2010


Sounds a typical story of big businesses abdicating responsibility. Have you asked at the GC if anyone else has reported problems?

23 Mar, 2010 a sewerage plant. The guy ate one, eeer.
i remember the trick one guy used when he tasted a rare tomato from a friend who was reluctant to pass on seeds from his rare and tasty tomatoes.
he returned home and saved his 'deposits' and planted them with great care and that way got replicas of his friends rare tomatoes.

23 Mar, 2010


im not having much luck with mine either going to try some more though..ha ha PD i dont know if thats funny or just disgusting....

23 Mar, 2010


I do think its possible to get rogue batches of seeds, this year I have had one pack of Hollyhock that have come on well while the other pack hasnt germinated at all both planted at the same time in the same conditions last autumn.

24 Mar, 2010


I rang Thompson and Morgan up again today as i had heard nothing again.
They still tried to blame the garden centre .I had to ring another department up and they are going to send me some new seeds to replace the duff ones.
They even gave me a reference number.
So it pays to complain

28 Mar, 2010


This may sound a bit yuck but adding a LITTLE bit of rabbit bedding i.e poo into the pot works wonders!!!!!!!! the plants grow really strong

28 Mar, 2010


i havent got a rabbit but thanks for the info

28 Mar, 2010

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