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Mow it less lawn food


I saw a trial on lawn feed (EverGreen Mow it less) in a consumer programme on the Belgian television (‘Volt’, a bit like Watchdog). It is a new sort of feed, which claims 50% less mowing than other lawn care products, but with an excellent lawn.
The test revealed no difference whatsoever between the two sorts of lawn feed (the ordinary and this one), so we’d better not spend our money on such products!
Rather a pity, this result. It would have made life a lot easier ;-)

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Anything for an easy life, eh??

22 May, 2010


Alas, no! ;-(

22 May, 2010


I prefer to mow, because the more I mow the thicker the grass gets as repeated mowing make it grow side ways and weaken the weeds. To me its only hard work if it is not mown very often.

22 May, 2010


Its a good thing we have programmes like Volt & Watchdog, testing these
so called products, and proving them, to be useless & a waste of money..
Still, Hilda 1 of these days we may get the genuine`s hoping!!
Interesting blog Hilda...: ~)))

22 May, 2010


Wouldnt they just put 50 % less nutrients in it ? For probably twice the price ..

23 May, 2010


Good one BB

23 May, 2010


Thanks Drc reminds me of those eco foods with nothing added and claim to be completely natural .. well if you ve added nothing and done nothing to it why does it cost more ?

Sorry Hilda better go due another appearance on Grumpy Old Men ..surely you must get them too in Belgium ?

23 May, 2010


Look what they charge for water???

23 May, 2010


Indeed, we have the grumpy old men and women too in Belgium, on the radio.

And yes, water has become expensive. But look how they've even managed to persuade us to buy water in bottles instead of using tap water....!

23 May, 2010



27 May, 2010

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